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Now The Real Rodeo Starts

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fieger! i like that guy.


wow larry, i just read your court opinion back in 2009, that judge had a great grasp on the law.



dont forget about them violating your confidential records!

all court records should have been sealed, all record of you should be eliminated from the system, etc.

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You go and all that but if are going to remain living in the area you will have to get along with the officers that wronged you or they will make your life miserable again. 


While it may feel good now to 'make them pay', you might want to consider your future too

When this is over he will own Shiawassee County.

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Monetary damages are the only thing that will make them think twice the next time they contemplate dragging someone through the briar patch.


I have to add that the bigger the payout the more thinking they will do. We need to have them receive a serious lesson.

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