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Air Pot (Container With Lots Of Holes) - Applicable To Mmj Growing?


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I think they work well, just like an old tire, a bucket, Dixie cups, etc. mostly a pain in the donkey eventually, mine were tossed into the rafters. All containers work well for cannabis I think, but I do prefer square to round. I've flowered one in a wine bottle, a pvc pipe, driveway crack, milk jug, and they all worked well. Capillary action of top watering brings plenty of air into a plants root zone with kind soil and good garden habits. I once had a flood and drain set up used with soil pots, and it worked well,until it didn't, because of this issue. The Air Pots would have shined in that circumstance. buy one, try it I say

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root damage/fuss is a number one killer of tender transplants and mature ladies as well.

In the greenhouse industry we used that copper crap paint, because we thought we were supposed to use it, at least that's what the salesman said.

Roots don't get trimmed in the wild unless they run out of dirt for thought.

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You wouldn't be able to get them out of the air pot. It's not a cylinder. The wide parts where the roots grow into the nipples would be ripped off unless you cut it away.



These work great!


We start our rooted clones in these and then transplant if the rootball is vigorous enough.


Infinitely adjustable for different soil types. You use two and adjust the holes accordingly. Not only helps root development but we can observe and manipulate growth thru ammendments.


They re tapered so they come off the rootball easy.




One of our Top 10 THC Tips


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