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Cannabis R Granules

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An Israeli start-up has developed a new type of vaporizing device, which they believe will give more doctors the confidence to prescribe marijuana.


The Syqe Inhaler is being marketed as the world’s first metered-dose cannabis vaporizer. While not available to the public yet, it is expected to appear in Israeli hospitals by the end of this year.


The Syqe Inhaler differs from traditional vaporizers by using granules of cannabis rather than raw flowers. The granules, which come in sizes as small as 1 mg, contain standardized portions of whole cannabis.


So, instead of relying on patients to achieve the right dose on their own, the Syqe gives doctors a way to prescribe and administer precise doses of marijuana. In other words, it provides a “pharmaceutical method for cannabis dosing.”

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It seems to me that cannabis isn't that type of med.  Different situations require different doses. What if you only need a little half dose pick me up?  I personally think that use as needed to relieve symptoms is best.  I don;t like the idea of a processed pellet.  But to each their own.  Great gizmo to get the anti's off the "prescribed dose" thing of the Pharma industry.  And maybe it will have applications for other users I glazed over.


Besides you can figure out milligram doses with a scale and a little math and testing results.  Although that would even vary in potency with different buds from different parts of the plant.  Oil would be the only "consistent" form that it'd be useful for, I'd think.

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I believe the feds already do something like this with the 7? legal patients they supply.


Back about a year ago someone had done foia request on the procedures that they use to make of the canisters of joints they supply on a monthly basis.    Turned out the document was like 300-400 pages.  Basically they test havest, process and test batches of plants and then blend them to achieve a uniform thc level.   The final material that they use could just as easily be packaged as a uniform capsule for a vaporizer.  

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So, instead of relying on patients to achieve the right dose on their own,


That's where they went totally off their rockers....  Hurting patients to make doctors feel more 'in control' isn't moving in the right direction. Time and money would be better spent teaching doctors that patients need to regulate themselves for cannabis to be effective.  Everyone who uses cannabis knows that. Every doctor that understands cannabis knows that. Why cater to block heads who don't want to learn, at the expense of hurting those already being helped by cannabis?

This 'idea' is just someone pushing their 'invention' to make themselves rich. 

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imo its a stepping stone. is it great? no.

is it better than having people guess? maybe.

will it make some doctors try it and more patients try it? maybe?


isnt the goal to get people off deadly narcotics and onto safe marijuana?


if so, does this device foster that ?


it could hurt patients by making them think marijuana does not work at those dosages.

imo thats why a lot of research on marijuana sucks. because they are using like 10mg thc to test things.


10mg is a bit low dont you think?

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@ :38 "using standardized cannabis flowers..."


Is that the gmo irradiated flowers?


Gotta love the name.


imo this just a way for the pharmas to still make huge profit margins.

How can they patent this if they are using cannabis flowers?  Is that due to

the process?

The video does say "in their raw form".

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is it better than having people guess? 


Dosing is an art, not a science. EVERYONE has to do some very careful 'guessing' to understand cannabis and how it works for them. There is no getting around it. There is no better way to find the perfect dose than trying it at very small doses and moving up until you find what works for you. There is no way around having each and every patient discover what dosage works best for them. It's the same for just about every medicine known to man. But doctors want to be in strict control of dosing so they try to standardize every dosage at the cost of a better understanding of dosing by the patient. So much so that I have heard doctors say a drug is not acceptable if it does not have a standard dosage. They have painted themselves into a corner under false pretense. Now they sit there in their corner barking orders that only serve the purpose of keeping them in control. People actually invent things like these granules for no other reason than to placate these controlling doctors, whose act of controlling makes their advice less useful.

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these brilliant entrepreneurs may not even give two chits about our movement or the consequences of their sales, except as far as their incorporation dictates profit making. Corporations make all kinds of special purpose items and some are downright bad all the way around for humanity, while millions consume/use the product daily supporting the bad things and their bad consequences. Why should two smart foreigners bare the burden of responsibility for government mismanaged drug policies?


We've got a resident mod maker working with vaporizers intended for inhaling nicotine(the pesticide) and turning them into cannabis friendly devices, sharing the results. this saves a lot of us hundreds of dollars in failed attempts to do the same. I bet her or another could turn this gem into a vape we all could use with no worries. ;)

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