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A Friendly Site.....ummmm....


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I'm mainly on this site to read and learn from others' experiences, posts, pics, etc.

The MMMA site states it is a friendly site. However, there are many times I leave the site after reading posts where members attack, insult, argue, are generally mean and rude(often off topic of marijuana). I really don't believe these behaviors are welcome here. I know it's uncomfortable to me anyways. I'm a peace loving pot smoking person trying to enjoy my time here on MMMA. I am actually hesitant to post to avoid being ridiculed, attacked, or otherwise. I wish everyone would be respectful to each other on here and act like adults with manners. I do not mean to cause trouble, I am simply trying to get people to think about their behavior and how they effect others here. Thanks for listening. Please be kind to others. ☺️

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I am sorry for my part in arguing in my defense here. I don't think its appropriate either. I offer information and rarely challenge another, so when I'm challenged with each post by the same few I too lose my cool, squat, and become small like them sometimes. I apologize. Even the meanest of us are actually pretty cool people. Some of us are really sick, some have ulterior motives of course, that get in the way of everything marijuana unfortunately.

Until 2008 I really did believe that everyone that used cannabis was good at heart, kind, and compassionate, because that was my total experience as a child and an adult. I learned quickly that this demographic is expectedly the same as many other cross sections of society.


On a whole though, even the meanest one here is still light years ahead of being cooler than some , out there.



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There are definitely disagreements here like in any group. Sometimes things get heated and things are said that probably shouldn't be said. Sometimes it just comes out different when typed out than what was intended.


Sometimes threads take sharp turns for no apparent reason, maybe we're over medicated and lose track of the conversation.


It wasn't too long ago that disagreeing with the administrators would get you banned in the wink of an eye. Thankfully that has changed and opinions can be expressed freely. Usually the only time someone is censored is when they are overtly hostile or start name calling.


Personally, I'd rather hear an honest f*ck you straight from the heart than a dishonest agreement just to smooth things over. Smiling and nodding doesn't generally get much accomplished.


This is basically a single issue political site and there are varied views on what are the best means to a common end.


You can feel free to say what you want, but not everyone is going to agree and they'll be free to say what they want.

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Sometimes ya just gotta bang things out ya know? If ya want a friendly debate maybe join the junior league?


I think most erbody here can be pretty lively and sometimes get peeved. It's easier to be nasty to some1 through your keyboard than in person. That's justa fact. If you are debating in person most people wouldn't go as far as they do here. It's the nature of the beast. If you want the in-person experience you should debate in person. But no use tryna fit a square peg (in-person) into a round hole (internet) just ain't ever gonna work.

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