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Lemon Cake Question


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It's been a while since I have been on this forum... That said I made a couple connections which sent me the Lemon Cake clone around 4 years ago. I kept LC clone for a bit then put to her rest, but before I did I made some seeds from her. So when I looked in my cryonic strain library recently her seeds waived to me. That said, I may pop a few beans this year of the Lemon Cake?

Which leads me to my question.-


Does anyone know the story of Lemon Cake and why it's considered a "Michigan strain".... AND what are the underlying genetics of Lemon Cake? I did enjoy the strain except the smoke was a bit heavy/rough on the inhale/exhale.

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I'd put this in the Grow room forum or the Strains one, but I'm gonna answer it anyways!


Going to revive this old old post from the interweb Graveyard from our very own MrD, this strains creator:  


"The original plant grown from the bag seed (oh if all bag seed was like that!) also was very easy to clone and reveg. I reveged one of the originals 7 times, until it would not do it again. That was about 10 years ago or so I no longer do that. I actually know where 10 of those seeds are but it would require me to go out to CA to get them.

The lemoncake that is going around is the first acceptable plant from a series. There is lc, lc2, lc3 and mlc (mutant lc) I primarily breed for how the plant affects me. I did not want the lc out there since I am making an effort to create stabilized seed for it but it is.

There used to exist two variations one called Soup and The Monster. Both were lost to an unfortunate tear down. The soup was similar although not exactly same as the current lc. There was a variation of it that flowered in 5.5 weeks. Which was a whole lot better than the 14 weeks of the orig. I have not had anything that fast since. The monster was a cross with a thai / blueberry. It was easily amongst the most potent smoke I have ever had. One toke and you could feel the effects. Alas it is gone. Look up lemoncake here and read justbudz description of it. It is in the closed thread.

First only the lc is out and about. If you find any seeds of it it was either made with someones hermaphrodite plant (which is the last thing I wanted because it just adds bad aspects to the genetic pool.)or it was crossed with something else. It did not come from me.

My take on the variations are as follows. They are entirely subjective as far as effects since different people might respond differently.

Lc is potent and a superior yielder. It really responds well to the product called Gravity. I thought most supps were bs but I won a small bottle of it. (Thanks to the BACC) I use 3 drops to a 2 litre bottle of water fed all through flowering. Do not overdo this stuff follow the directions or do what I do. Otherwise you will get leaf burn. Look up Gorilla hydro and read thier article on it and the other supps made by the company. It makes buds much firmer and in the case of lc much larger too. Stop using it 2 weeks before finish and flush. It does not enhance flavor. Also the buds are a bit less frosty. I think this might be due to the resin production being directed to the calyxes which get much larger. No loss of potency.

The following exist but are not distributed.

lc2. This is a cross with a more sativa variant of lc. It is a little lankier, yields a little less than lc. It is (totally subjective here!) a bit more sophisticated than the lc. Or perhaps subtle is a better word. It is very "up" usually causing people to grin for the first 30 minutes or so. Then the high is similar to lc.

Lc3. This is my personal favorite for (bunny muffin how can I best say it?) standard smoke. Very smooth high, a little more potent than lc but that is my opinion. very uplifting, a slightly hashy taste. The hairs on the flowers are orange red rather than the more yellowish hairs on the lc. The structure of the bud is not as compact the way the buds come together is not as tight as the lc. A little less yield. On the other hand it is fairly fast in flowering at about 6 weeks. Sorry that I do not have a precise number for flowering yet.

LC4 This is being mentioned just for informational purposes since it was not kept. Nice short plant with buds that are a couple of shades with lighter hairs. If I kept it I would have called her Blondie. Fast in flowering. Nice bud structure. A single short plant about two ft. yielded 3.4 oz. For all the physical differences to the LC it is rather similar in high to the LC. There was not a lot of point in keeping it because of that.

MLC Mutant LC Go to the Brighton Compassion Club site and look for pics and explanations regarding Phreak and another titled "I am ready for my close up now" (reference to an old Joan Crawford film and mommy dearest). You will be able to see some shots of the plant in different stages and close ups. This is what JB was referencing. When he tasted it he was told take only 2 hits and wait. It was a "pin" joint that was only 1/4 inch of bud. It was enough for two people. Potent as all hell. Similar to the lost Monster. Very very up. Very fast in flowering. The plant grew 22 inches high and was 22 inches at its widest point. It is a mutant plant it started with 3 leaves and unlike many other "sports" it survived. It grows like an inverted xmas tree. I have heard of another person who said he had a plant of a totally different strain do the same thing.
Yield was 3.1 bone dry oz. This is one of the most frosty plants I have seen. The stems were frosty! Sticky to touch. Had to support the side branches due to weight of buds.

I am intending to back breed this to create seeds as a form of genetic insurance.

If you go the Brighton site look for the picture of Godzilla. Then look at the pics which will clarify my description.

Good luck"




Hope that helps, I'm purdy sure it's accurate but an older forum goer may know more. Heck, maybe the guy'll pipe in himself eh?   :bong7bp: 

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Found another small block of info in regards to the genetics, hope this helps out with some pinpoints :bong7bp: :


Based on bag seed. Except the bag was from a very knowledgeable individual who said "These are from the strongest pot I ever had in my life". Certainly not mexi brick.IT grew out into a sativa that could get over 12 ft tall and judging by appearance was likley a a thai or haze type. Buds were prone to be a little fluffy. Took 12-13 weeks to flower. Great very up high that lasted all told about 4 hours. I went around the house singing. (If you ever heard me sing you would file it under crimes against humanity. Actually considering that animals can hear crimes against nature would be more appropriate. ) I would love to have this again. Amazing on pain.This was crossed with an unusual specimen of mcw which fell off a plant and grew. It wa discovered under a very dark canopy of foliage. IT looked like a very sticky lollipop. I could not get it to re veg but was able to get all of seven seeds because I had a g13 / nl 5 male. This was called soup. As in alphabet soup due to the description. Named by a guy from the Chicago area nick named imgc.I was in the process of backcrossing the lc with a male of this variety and had gotton to the .88 stage when due to donkey rectum neighbors had an ealry morning teardown. I lost all my genetics. This male had thai blueberry in addition. Luckily Justbudz had a small number of those seeds which he gave back to me. The lc is from that stock. I am currently growing out and crossing some of this genetic examples. So far I have a lc+ which does not yeild as much but initally provides about a half hour of the happy grinning effect on top of the usual. Both varieties are creepers. Hitting one after about 20 + minutes.I intend to restabalize the strain but that is going to take about 4 harvests or more. I do know of someone who has the orig lc seeds in cold storage but basicly I would have to travel to CA to get them.Okay so here is description. Plant X (the orig) x mcw (mitey mite, chemo, white widow [male pollen via ncga]) x g13/nl5 x thai blueberry (male). 

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clone only ?  phooey!  we just heard the cat above made seeds

I personally witnessed the name game early in the program. I met with

other cg's and saw them naming their harvests according to their own take on

the product. In other words the grower finds some plants that (magically?) expressed

properly and renamed those and upcharged too, for the quality, which should have always been there.


when DNA testing becomes affordable we may be surprised at the name game.

If I had unknown bagseed and popped a special one, maybe it came from a pack

of Joseph OG along the bags path, and here I am with a "unique" (to me)flavor needing a (new) name.

5 people grow it with five different results often, keeping the charade going.  all my opinion and observations only.


I also know of stellar breeders who do no such thing, and are transparent in their practices. Some use

specific terpene profiles and dna to make their hybrid winners, at the top of their game really. I've sampled "Lemon Cake" and

can say it was awesome, just like Las Vegas Lemon, DNA's Lemon Skunk too. I've had each grown in different gardens all expressing differently for thought, producing different flavors and even different growth patterns. A pack of DNA Lemon Skunk can produce several pheno's possibly, each with their own personality, and maybe some are out there with a new fresh name already.


I take names with a grain of salt here, but will admit I am a seed/strain/name monger, strain chasing b'tard from cookies to elephants I cant get enough!

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clone only ?  phooey!  we just heard the cat above made seeds


Don't know of any male Lemon Cake that got out with the Lemon Cake female . So if he made seeds , they are not Lemon Cake , but a Lemon Cake cross . 


What strain male did you use to pollinate Seedfro ?

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I knew that plants will "self" , I did not know it could be induced to produce seeds .

 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Self-pollination--- Flipping your lights on and off during flower can hermie a plant, if that's the only plant in the area then there's only one thing to breed with, yeah?


Lemoncake x....self=Lemon Cake

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Ahh yes, the LC clone was given to me 4 years ago... Liked her as a "strong plant". In regards to being a flower she was big, somewhat dense but with a fluffy density. Pretty resinous and very unique pungent aroma. The big drawback for me is that she was a harsh smoke on the inhale/exhale. Probably better suited for vaporizer???


So... I kept her for a few grows and then let her go. Before I did it crossed her with a few strains I had rolling at the time. In regards to seed response the Barney's Blue Cheese seemed to be the best suitor with my LC clone. When I looked at my strain library recently I was flirting with the idea of bringing the Blue Cheese back. Then I noticed LC seeds and said to myself maybe that's a good way to resurrect to 2 strains at once. In regards to this possibility I wanted to see if I could find out more about the lineage of LC.... That's all.


It appears Lemon Cake is "SHMORGISHBORG" of sorts.... Which is fine, because some of the most exciting potentials arise from these severally confused/mixed genetics.


Not trying to take any breeders glory away or put a damper on its fabled past ... Just doing some genetic investigating.

Most likely giving it a chance to exist... To show me what the wonder of strain alchemy can be.... All for fun!

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who the heck flips their lights to make seeds anyore?


Making Seeds, 100% female even


I allow a single tip of a cola to remain in the flowering room after harvesting the remainder

of the plant's buds. I take care to snip cleanly at the base of each branch, and select one to

be the host of my pollen machine. Some will require a few weeks past peak harvest, but I've seen

hybrids take a more than a month to produce.


the plant has but one reason to survive, and that is to produce seeds, not thc, not big buds, just seeds

to spread its genetic mix. Towards the end of its natural flowering life cycle the plant, without seeds,

will become concerned and express it's male counterpart genetics to make small yellow fingers in that remaining bud.

those fingers will open soon, produce pollen, and fill your grow room with female seeds if not careful.

I use a (dog face funnel thingy) and put a cheesecloth over the bud, in the back of the room until I see the pollen in the catch wth a flick. I gather fresh pollen directly from the open finger flower and seal it up. I spray water all over the bud, the catch, and the cloth, zip lock it to the stalk, and cut and feed to my bunnies.


those seeds have always been 100% female for me. The keys to success are a dialed in room with proper controls, and fertilization timing. I allow the host seeded bud to mature until the seeds' calyx pops open to reveal the dark striped gems, and I have forgotten to label that branch in the past. good luck

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AND yes... Under temperature/light stress I did see a few bananas on the Lemon Cake clone... I don't recall if I tried to utilize the pollen or not?.. Knowing myself I probably did something with the LC pollen. Which in a way can be feminized pollen rather than hermie pollen if the the genetic is strong. In other words it goes into survival mode to replicate itself. More often than not these seeds are feminized.

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if your pollen is gathered from hermaphrodites the results will be mostly hermaphrodites, guaranteed mostly if introduced

to the original inducement after born I read. those bananas are not the same expression as single bud fingers, although both produce pollen in last ditch efforts of seed production. This is why most commercial hemp is hermaphrodite stock, preferred even, for hemp uses.

smoking pollen sucks. I would feed bunnies if I saw one hermaphrodite expression. I had one in my first Tahoe OG, the best of the pack, which all produced hermies. I bought Reverse, applied once to the clones of the harvested hermie and have never stopped growing that strain to date with no sexual confusions since.


I also applied the (plant lipids?) product to the hermied plant the day I saw the expression and two days later the bananas died and the plant finished properly. The others were already culled. I smoked the chit out of that Tahoe, still in our top ten list!

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The Lemon Cake clone I was given will not herm unless under stress... Even then you would really have to carefully search to find any bananas.

In the past I have used this technique to gather pollen with good results. The resulting plants were mainly female with no hermie tendencies... That said, chances are most strains on earth will exhibit emergency survival pollen to self seed itself. Pretty brilliant plant species I tell ya!!!


Here's my edit... In my thoughts I like to "think" that even a hermie lies within every seed. Some hermie % way less or more than some strains or hybrids. It's a genetic luck of the draw in most circumstances.... Not for long as I "think" gene manipulation is not to far off for many commercial plants... Which includes marijuana and hemp manipulation. For the good and bad.


Those folks who had indulged in the LC clone medicinal benefits... What do you think of it? Was it memorable? Does my LC description sound right?

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Rather not mention who passed the LC clone to me on this forum... Let's just say I think he has long hair.

I'm presuming this is LC and not the "Royal Smoke Lemon Cake".... Maybe not?


Zap, here's my edit... Maybe harsh is one way of describing the LC clone I experienced... Another way may be a heavy inhale/exhale experience. Both with similar meanings, just different words.

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