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How To Properly Dry Bubble Hash?

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Hey everybody, I recently ran my first run of bubble hash, it wasn't a large run, but I got a decent amount of bubble out of it. I was just wondering how you guys dry out your bubble? I have it on cardboard in a dark room, it seems to be getting drier but idk if it's drying properly. Thanks everyone!

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internets, meh


in ops defense though, I picked up this grinder bottle, says "hash" on the side. its got one of those grinder caps on it. I sometimes put my charas in there when it "dries out". I sprinkle flakes over joint fodder, into the vaporizer, etc.  I made bubble hash with the bags a few times, its good . I hung my last bag, the golden one, from  clothes line for a couple hours for a crispy dry hash. I use the dry sifter now instead for a better return, no water risks.

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Maybe use parchment paper vs cardboard, less loss due to sticking or poss of tearing paper fibers

Flip it once or twice daily

Dry it fast(ish)... Dont want it to start molding

Even keep it warm to help, w dec air exchange

Dry it thoroughly

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well so far i've read about grating it,freezing it and dissolving it...and to think i always just smoke it.. :bong7bp: lol..take your bubble, press it well, put it on some paper towels,,let it rest a day or two and smoke it with a friend who's blue....lol..i don't dry it in the dark because i'm afraid mold will grow...bp

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I guess I wasn't clear, by "grating" the bubble, I'd take either a micro-plane or a cheese grater and "grate" the bubble pieces into a fine consistency.

you were very clear. I was gifted the "Hash Grater Jar" some years ago. grating it is handy sometimes.

if you use the dry sift(pollen shaker there is no drying and no grating.

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why bubble it just to make it back into keif? skip the bags and just use the keif, they have a box you use for a rolling tray, it has screens in it, you keep your daily, weekly amount in it and rolll joints and you have your keif at the bottom!  I know it is cheaper than buying bubble bags!


I love bubble hash, I know it works on me better than pressed kief!



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Seems to be some confusion on this subject. Let me see if I can assist.

When finishing your run of bubble hash you should consider one of 2 ways to start drying your product. 

1st method involves placing product in a stainless steel strainer and using your fingers to push it through the screen onto cardboard.  A spoon to tap on the strainer helps to spread it around after you push through strainer with fingers. Be sure and mark the cardboard with the mesh sizes of each puck of hash.

Note: The first puck from the 190ui bag (or whatever is your first bag screen size) may be easier to chop into pieces if it has a lot of green plant matter in it.


2nd method involves patting it more dry than above method then put into freezer while still on pressing screen. After it is frozen take a fine cheese grater or micro-plane and grate each puck onto cardboard as above.


The strainer method works best in my honest opinion.

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press bubble on .25 screen get as much water out of it . keep it thin put it on coffee filter and put filter in a cardboard box put as much bubble in filter but do not stack get another filter  repeat . if box is full close close lid let it sit day or 2

my room 80degs so it was good to go next morning   pressed and made a few different sharpes for defecates and giggles when i was done cut off piece flattened it like pizza dough wrinkled it up like a piece of paper ( so will burn slowly and evenly put in bong glass bowl and inhale and try not to cough ! ( that is if you used good weed to make bubble then you will have good hash !

Rich 408

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