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4210 / Dispensaries

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As a patient, i dont see any reasonable risk associated with using a dispensary. Have you asked your caregiver, now that it is legal, to possible begin making them himself? Keep in mind after 4209 is implemented, every transaction will be recorded in one big database for any of the enforecment agencys to look at whenever they want...so i wouldnt worry about it. Your covered to buy from anywhere.

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MI [R] HB 4210 - Updated (Text 09/22/2016)




Rep. Lisa Posthumus Lyons (REP-MI)




Health; medical marihuana; marihuana-infused products; allow and regulate. Amends secs. 3, 4, 6, 7 & 8 of 2008 IL 1 (MCL 333.26423 et seq.) & adds sec. 4a.




Assigned pa 283'16 with immediate effect - 09/22/2016


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why does it say it amends section 8, when it does not reprint section 8 nor modify it?


because sec 7(7) will take you out of sec8 protection?


333.26427(7) Separate plant resin from a marihuana plant by butane extraction in a manner that demonstrates a failure to exercise reasonable care or reckless disregard for the safety of others.

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I think i covered your question, but to reiterate it again. You should be fine, you allowed to purchase meds from anywhere. The only time someone would run into problems, is if said shop is busted, and they find records indicating you sold cannabis to said shop.


After 4209 is implemented, anyone and everyone who uses the shops,will automatically go into a database, that tracks your purchases, amounts and money spent. So...i would not worry about it.

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