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Upper Peninsula Caregivers Association


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i didnt hear about this one. federal court.




Ask the Federal Government to Stop Prosecuting Employees of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Michigan.


Created by C.A. on December 11, 2016



On Nov. 8th myself and two other employees of the UPCA or Upper Peninsula Caregivers Association were sentenced to 12, 18, and 30 months in Federal Prison in our role as conspirators in a illegal drug conspiracy. Each of us was merely an employee of the UPCA and were told by the head of the Co-op and his lawyer we were in compliance with the law in Michigan and even permitted by the city in some cases. Even though the head of the Co-op (Spencer Ward) wasnt being honest with his employees, we still have been charged and sentenced to his crimes. I believe this is a major injustice and needs to be remedied immediately. I know of many other cases in the State of Michigan and would ask for the commutation or pardon of all employees of dispensaries/Co-ops who were believed to be in compliance.

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Well, this was no surprise when it happened.  I think we all knew it was going to happen. I mean, he had just been busted and continued his activity.


And as far as the other 3 people,  they all went and narked on SPencer to federal authorities and spilled the beans completely and submitted testimony against him.  Fuk them. Narcs deserve to die.(sorry, I am Chicago ol skool),.


I never want to see people in trouble for marijuana, but I must say these people are truly idiots and it was no surprise when this happened.

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that is your opinion.


Clear? Nowhere in the language are dispensaries prohibited.

Right but where in the language does it say it's ok? And how do you run a shop only being able to have 5 customers?


Anyone who is running or wants to run a shop better know the dangers involved and have a lawyer on retainer....

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nowhere in the mmma does it talk about dispensaries (except for the new amendments)


but from this and a bunch of other news stories... people have gone and are currently in jail and are in court because they worked (distributed marijuana) or owning a dispensary. so take your chances if you want.

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Yea. It's really sad to see anyone get in trouble for marijuana.


Its also shocking to see this person believe via second hand information from Spencers Attorney Lisa Broulliette , that it was legal. I highly doubt she did so, and even so, she is only a Family Law attorney.  Lesson one, get a real criminal defense attorney.  Lesson two, don't listen to morons like Spencer. Lesson three, DO NOT TALK TO THE POLICE.  They convicted Craig(the person in that story-employee)  mostly on his own testimony/confession.  He step by step told the police EVERYTHING he was involved with(conspiracy).  So,... yea...


Stupid is as stupid does. 


I have personally dealt with Spencer and SPECIFICALLY told him what he was doing was not legal a few years ago.  He told me to p-off and did not care. Thought I was just being an arsehole.  I just shrugged and told him to be careful then because I don't like seeing people get in trouble.  That was when he decided to go public dispensary route instead of doing what he was doing previously. If you are going to do something illegal, then act and take the precautions like you are doing something illegal.


All you can do is shake your head. He knew.  He thought he would "get away with it".   They didn't.




Then all the employees actually narc'd themselves out and actually proved the full conspiracy by their own testimony.  *sigh*



Never admit to the crime to the police. Never talk to police.



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this is amazing to read. everyone should read this.


never talk to the police.


quote from the above website:


At my sentencing my lawyer moved to give me a minimal participant reduction in my case since I was only employed a short time and had no scope of the entire conspiracy and had no managerial or planning power in the UPCA. The motion was denied. She also objected to the newly calculated drug weight which added years to my sentencing guidelines on the basis that I didn’t even know the storefronts existed upon signing up with the UPCA and had no responsibility in their operations. The objection was overruled and I was told by the judge, “Examples need to be made.” After my point reductions the sentencing guidelines became 18-24 months, more than my original guidelines in the drafted plea deal. The judge handed down 18 months, starting March 1.

because even cooperating, even testifying against the owner, even doing everything you can to get a reduction in sentencing... the prosecutor and judge will flower you over just to make an example.


whats the example? just another person in jail for marijuana, to go with the other millions of people who have spent time in jail for marijuana? some example that will set to the people.

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Its sad.


He literally went in and signed his testimony, guilt and explained how and why he was guilty, and how everyone else was guilty.  That only works if with full immunity.


Anyhow,... squealing pigs never win.  He was ill served by his attorney. He was ill served by being poor in a system that depends on money.


 This is exactly why I try to tell everyone what they are doing is illegal and act appropriately.  I don't care you are involved in marijuana in an illegal manner,... I mean I REALLY don't care; but don't put a bullseye on your forehead when what you are doing is illegal.  Ignorance and stupidity at its finest.  Everyone figures they will get away with it.  "Other people are doing it". 




Ahh well,  you can only tell so many people they are being dumb.  I tell people this day in and day out when it has come to commercial marijuana in Michigan.  Some get busted. Some don't.  All think they will never be the one.

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Oh, and watch those videos I posted.  I post them regularly, especially in stories like this one.


I didn't realize they had put out a book now.  I will buy it just because he deserves it. :-)  2 bux!  That means he gets 1 dollar of it.  :-)


https://www.amazon.com/You-Have-Right-Remain-Innocent/dp/1503933393  <---- only $2 for digital copy. Some used paperbacks for like 5 bucks. 7 bucks for a new paperback.


Law professor James J. Duane became a viral sensation thanks to a 2008 lecture outlining the reasons why you should never agree to answer questions from the police—especially if you are innocent and wish to stay out of trouble with the law. In this timely, relevant, and pragmatic new book, he expands on that presentation, offering a vigorous defense of every citizen’s constitutionally protected right to avoid self-incrimination. Getting a lawyer is not only the best policy, Professor Duane argues, it’s also the advice law-enforcement professionals give their own kids.


Using actual case histories of innocent men and women exonerated after decades in prison because of information they voluntarily gave to police, Professor Duane demonstrates the critical importance of a constitutional right not well or widely understood by the average American. Reflecting the most recent attitudes of the Supreme Court, Professor Duane argues that it is now even easier for police to use your own words against you. This lively and informative guide explains what everyone needs to know to protect themselves and those they love.

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