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Bog Sour Bubble

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Are the airpots difficult to transplant?

Nice looking plant btw. Still sitting on my pack of SB


Funny you asked. It's the easiest pot to transplant. Unscrew the fitting and just unwrap the air pot. The root ball remains intact. Here I am transplanting from the 1 liter to a 5 liter, not sure on the size exactly. I could have let this keep growing in the smaller one for a while, but it's growing so well I want to give it all the root space it needs.





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oh hell yea!!! that looks great man. mightymezz looks like you have done this a few times before eh?

looks like it will be a decent yield too!


Would you believe it's my...third crop? :angel:


Great genetics + air pots + organic soil and tea + 1000W HPS = great meds. I wonder how much it will yield myself drcannapest. It's got three more weeks to go.



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Out of curiosity how much could one yield if you grew and harvested 12 plants? Approx of cojurse?


See Bubblegrower's perpetual grow tutorials and see how to stay legal and rotate your plants so that they are always in different stages. Again, and for some of you leo's, we are learning how to stay "LEGAL" and work within our laws.

Please do the same, and you will treating your fellow humans compassionately.

Just one man's opinion, and free, so you get what you pay for...:mellow:

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Wow very nice !


See the resemblance? I've heard people say if someone handed them some Sour Bubble and told them it was Bubba Kush they might believe them. There are mocha phenos that fit that bill and then there are sour lime phenos which represent the Sour Bubble clone mother. I'm thinking the one pictured in your quote is a Bubba pheno.

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Nice work, Mezz! That does look awfully promising! I hope to be starting some Bubblegum Clones soon. I just put a swampy and a Romulan in to the flower room tonight. The Cheese is gonna get some cuttings taken from her before too long as well. Someone you have met gave me a nice allele of the Cheese.


Awww shittt!!! In two months you are going to be a happy man.

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