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Folks I Finally Won One!

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:goodjob: Thank you Jessie Williams and Eric Vandussen, and Judge May in 90th district court. The charges for both Barbi and I are dismissed, as Judge may has finally written his Opinion that LEO should have contacted the Magistrate regarding known patients and caregivers in the home.. Thank you !!




Rich and Barbi and Jenny



P.S. I have not seen the Opinion yet, Eric just called me. I will post it if they let me...

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way to go petoskey :) Is that everything then or is there more stuff ya gotta wait on?


The first raid, in June of 2010, is still pending. This is where i had all my paperwork for 3 patients and was a patient (doctors rec) but had not yet registered. I had a paper bag of refuse they consider meds and the warrant wasn't signed. This is the case I have no lawyer for and am fighting myself.


Then there is the random as hell "general public health code violation, which was a stalk left in a bucket at a home i rented. Same thing applies here hopefully as they knew whom I was when calling in the warrant. Again SANE.


Then there is the raid from April 11th, 2011 on the mdch for my record in which major documented violations occured. Don't know what to do about that yet.


Nonetheless, I am so excited i could :butt2:


Well, you know what i mean. This was however, and ironically, the same raid that led to the beatings and strip searches and such. Hmmm.....






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I know that feeling you have right now, enjoy it man :goodjob:



I'm meeting with a civil lawyer on Friday morning, I'll let you know how it goes and what he says.:sword:


That's awesome bro I'm so happy to read this you been through so much, :bighug: for you and the family!!!!!


Trix :bong2:

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