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Emmet County Aquittal!

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A married couple from Alanson, who were facing charges for allegedly violating the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act, were acquitted on all charges in the case after a jury trial last month.


John McLaughlin, 41, was found not guilty on one count of manufacturing marijuana, one count of maintaining a drug house and three counts of possession of a firearm at time of commission of a felony. Rene McLaughlin, 30, was found not guilty on one count of maintaining a drug house, courtrecords show.


The couple were arrested in December 2010 by Straits Area Narcotics Enforcement, after officers discovered more than three pounds of processed marijuana, 24 marijuana plantsand three loaded firearms at the couple's home on Burt Lake View Drive in Maple River Township, the Petoskey News-Review previously reported.


Officers were made aware that John McLaughlin had a medical marijuana card, however, the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act states that it does not allow a qualifying patient to possess more than 2.5 ounces of usable marijuana, or more than 12 marijuana plants in an enclosed, locked facility, according to the previous report.Copyright © 2011, Petoskey News


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rock on dude.congrats.Your turn is coming.Get rid of the rest of the BS charges then its time for the county to get out the check book.All these cases would turn out the same if the corupt judges would let the truth ring free.This the peoples will and I dont believe you can seat a convicting jury if they know the whole truth.63 percent equals numerous hung juries at the very best.That is what these prosecuter and corupt judges fear the most.

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Very happy to hear of the McLaughlin acquittal. :thumbsu:


Sad thing is, everyone in the state now knows he's growing and where he lives.


I can see publlishing his name and the name of his county, but the added township and street is uncalled for. He's marked now and an easy target for grow rippers. I hope they are both very discreet and careful.


I guess that puts to sleep the 'legal cannabis patients no legal firearms' garbage they tried to push down our throats and rightly so.


Excercising the right by law to medicate with cannabis does not cancel the right to keep and bear arms, or any other right or privelege. Very happy that some PAs & LEOs are beginning to realize this.




Peace & Health.

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I am not qualifed by any special legal training to make the following observation, but this seems to be a stunning victory for medical marijuana rights and that these rights protect those who it is intended to protect from the very kind of leo behavior that the mmmj law seeks to prevent and make unlawful.


This is really good news, especially because we have not had much of it under Shuette and company (or whatever the correct sp).


The war on drugs is a total failure. And so is the war on medical marijuana.



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Was it just me or was that article a little cynical?


I thought so as well. I know the reporter, and she is brand new. I also think now the one case has been dismissed, I think maybe it too should be in the media, and WHY, I will see if i can speak with Heather, the reporter, and give her some lernin.





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