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Kalamazoo Clones

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What is the best way to obtain quality clones in west michigan?  I'm new to the local scene and see a lot of websites out there (most on the east side of the state).  I've heard of bud trader and craigslist.  What are folks experiences with various venues?  I have had zero success with mailing overseas and clones would be the most convenient way for me to grow (I only have time/money for a single tent right now).  I may want to expand to a three part grow in the future but right now its just me.  I would like to know other users experiences so I can avoid the pitfalls of being ripped off and just wasting my time.  Thanks for the info!

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i dont have much experience, just what i read here on the forums from other people.


best places to get genetics, from top (best) to bottom (worst)


registered caregiver (post a message on the forum seeking caregiver in kzoo)

friends / family. maybe they have some bagseeds. if this is your first grow, bagseeds are good to learn on.

compassion club / dispensary on weedmaps

budtrader / craigslist.

guy on street corner (dont do this)


good luck!

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Hey all an update.  I found a local guy on craigslist who was very cool.  Excellent strains and decent prices.  Everything was on the up and up (showed each other our cards and did some business).  I guess I am not understanding why everyone is so shutdown on this topic.  I know there are legal issues as far as this forum (I was not trying to solicit here), but why not recommend some avenues for clones?  It is by far the best way to start for a beginner who does not want to start seed and sex and create mothers (advanced techniques).  Let folks get some experience with healthy plants and some confidence in their abilities to produce their own meds.  I love being able to produce what I use for a valid condition.  My needs are not huge (and only my own) so a three cycle grow would be over kill.  Six to twelve plants per year in one chamber is cost effective and easy.  I guess I'm saying don't be afraid of Craigslist especially if the person is open and on the up-and-up (wants to see your card/has a card/invites you to their home).  My op is legal and so is his.  Where is the harm?  Please educate me if I am wrong.  thanks!

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420Peace Soilless Organic,


Welcome to the 3ma...Dealing with people on Craigslist is like the lottery in reverse ya never know when you going to loose...It's better to network thru compassions clubs...My old world hippie brain knows why you feeling shutdown on this topic it's because your new here and asking people to put themselves in legal jeopardy...There is a Marijuana Event in Grand Rapids March 16th https://www.facebook.com/events/1406124746306832/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming ck it out.

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Thanks for the replies guys. One of the reasons that I started this thread was to hear about folks experiences with various avenues to get genetics.  I had a good experience w Craigslist.  I know that I want to keep my cultivation fairly private.  Mail ordering seeds was not successful (customs got them both times I tried w reputable vendors using "stealth").  I think that there is a lot of room for a discussion on this topic which may interest newbies especially (whom I include my self).  A compassion club is good but no one on the site said Hey I had a good experience w/ Kalamazoo Compassion Club.  Which was what I had hoped for.  I didn't want to put myself out there more than visit my local grow store and such without more info.

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Im a new grower and have run out of clones and have no idea where to find any

there are friends of local prosecutors selling them all over craigslist. Perhaps here too. I'd use caution unless operating exclusively in washtenaw, ingham, genesee or Wayne county.


The risk is yours...but I'd consider your wife/girl/guy, your kids, your friends, parents, co-workers and least of all, those pesky patients....but consider them nonetheless. Don't buy into the recent apathy on this forum: Clones, out of network dealings, and games may or may not be tolerated depending on where you are and depending on who you are....giddy up if you have 20k in the bank and don't give a huff about anyone but yourself

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