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New Compassion Center

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services and goods? donated?   that's called a dispensary, maybe one that has meetings and helps communicate medical marijuana issues, while peddling pot to carded attendees. Compassion Club is not equal to Dispensary. Nobody will donate marijuana to you so you can make a business out of it.


selling your goods to your named five patients is legal. if you intend to do otherwise, consider skipping the ruse, and getting right to business, sans the medical marijuana patient plea program/


be smart, be safe, be legal, be well.

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I my name is Chantone and I'm from Lansing, Mi I currently reside in detroit, Mi and currently starting my own compassion center and i was wondering if anyone is willing to help me along the way, maybe a few tips and pointers on the the do's and do nots of operating such a business. Also where could I find a caregiver willing to donate their services and goods to my company?


Tip 1:  No caregiver iis going to donate goods to your business any more than anyone would freely give their hard work to a business to increase profits.  This would be a lot like Kroger asking farmers to donate crops.


Tip 2:  You asked about dos and do nots.  There are no dos.  There is only one do not.  Do not run an illegal business.


I hope this helps.

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I always thought a former doctor or dentist office building would be a natural for grow suites of some kind, already chopped up into rooms with sinks and running water, good electric to zone off, and built to be secure from break ins looking for drugs. There are quite a few of them sitting empty that won't likely be doctor's offices again.

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