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I see that the cops hurry up and look for past crimes to justify the terrible things they do to people even if they didn't even know about those things when they hurt people. It's another trap you can fall into when trying to fix this. Some cops can just look at you and imagine all the crimes you committed in the past. 

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I don't know,Zap. The person that started the posted has not responded yet. They might have a judge that would overlook that fact.We all know many Judges that are in the pocket. Judge Leduc here in 46th district court,his wife owns the JAMS in Utica where I had to take my son to pee whenever they wanted him to. What a coincidence...........................

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No,Resto,it's called a "CRIMINAL RECORD". Even I have one. And it is not illegal,or un constitutional. All I asked was to hear the whole story,all that is posted is what the cops said.

When they shot that guy in Ferguson they didn't even know who he was. So they can't even go there with him at all. But they sure do try after the fact. It wouldn't surprise if they didn't know who Mr. Kelley was either. But they will try to justify what they did with BS made up after the fact, like looking at his record. They have to use only what they knew at the time of the beating to justify what they did. 

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Others have not been as fortunate.  Here is a story about Randy Crowel.  His conviction, in which Ferguson played a part, will apparently stand. 


Cop firing changes little for Dryden man who pleaded guilty to drug charges

BY PHIL FOLEY 810-452-2616 • pfoley@mihomepaper.com

PONTIAC — The firing of a reputed rogue cop with the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office last month won’t change life for a Dryden businessman who plead guilty to drug charges two years ago.

Randy Crowel, 55, will be on probation until Sept. 2014 after he pleaded guilty to receiving 45 kilograms of marijuana January 20, 2011.

One of the Oakland County Sheriff’s Dept. deputies involved in the case, Marc Ferguson, was fired last month after Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper reportedly uncovered evidence that Ferguson lied under oath about a June 2011 narcotics investigation at the same warehouse where Crowel and a Colorado woman had been arrested six months earlier.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office began an investigation in September after Cooper reported she’d discovered that Ferguson had opened a container containing 78 pounds of marijuana at YRC Freight in Pontiac and then lied to a county magistrate about it.

That led the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office to drop charges against the suspect in that case and 15 others.

However, said Paul Walton, Oakland County’s Chief Assistant Prosecutor, Crowel wasn’t found guilty following a trial, he pleaded guilty to the charges. “He admitted responsibility,” said Walton. “Case law is pretty consistent about that.”

Crowel and a 34-year-old Denver woman were arrested Jan. 20, 2011, after they arrived at the YRC Freight Company on Joslyn Avenue in Pontiac in a rental truck to pick up a steel container holding 45 kilograms of marijuana. At the time Cooper said the marijuana was destined for Big Daddy’s in Oak Park.

The pair was charged with possession with intent to deliver marijuana.

After Crowel pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three years probation in August 2011, the state Dept. of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs fined his business, The Village Grill, $1,200 as a result.

Walton said that while the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office reviewed 100 open cases Ferguson’s prosecutors decided to drop charges on only 16. “We dismissed only if we could not prosecute without his testimony,” he said.

Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Mark. Newman said Ferguson had 22 years of law enforcement experience, mainly with Pontiac, when he was hired by the sheriff’s office in August 2011 after the city of Pontiac closed its police department.

“Our main issue,” he said, “is that he lied under oath that he hadn’t opened a container prior to seeking a search warrant.”

Newman said Ferguson filed a unsuccessful union grievance in attempt to get his job back.

“We don’t want Ferguson touching any more cases,” said Walton, adding the prosecutor’s office has told the sheriff it won’t issue warrants for cases from him.

Walton said the prosecutor’s office hasn’t received a request for a perjury warrant and doesn’t expect one. “Undersheriff Mike McCabe has spoken a lot about that,” he said, adding Oakland County juries “have a hard time convicting police officers” in cases like this.

He noted in past incidents when deputies have been acquitted of criminal charges, employment boards have forced the agency to rehire them with back pay.

Walton said even if Ferguson was convicted, the worst he could expect under sentencing guidelines would be probation.


Unfortunately, Crowel is not alone.  Thousands of people languish with criminal convictions due to perjured testimony, sometimes from police officers and informants.  Don't take this lying down -- fight back.  Hire a lawyer who will fight back like Neil Rockind.

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Resto,there were so many cops there and not ONE looked this guy up? That's all they do,is sit in their cars on the computer trying to figure out some way to get you. Seems like they would all be covering their piggy butts...................................

You do not need to be making excuses for these guys. If what you are trying to say is true they would have offered the computer record that they looked him up to make their desicion. Instead they just fudge it in after the fact. Keep in mind this was a spontaneous home invasion without a warrant.

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I am Marcus Kelley, the person who was victimized and later wrongfully convicted my the Oakland County Sheriff. I am one of Ex-Detective Marc Ferguson's many victims, the person in this article. I want to thank you for your effort in trying to help me obtain justice, and I ask that you stand with me as I continue to fight for justice

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