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Colorado Mom Gave Pot Brownie To Son Who Jumped From Window:


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Colorado mom gave pot brownie to son who jumped from window:



DENVER (Reuters) - A Colorado woman has been arrested for giving a marijuana-laced brownie to her teenage son who ate the confection and suffered serious injuries when he later jumped out of a third-story apartment window, police said on Thursday.


Julieane Jablonski, 38, was booked on suspicion of providing marijuana to a minor and felony tampering with a witness, the Fort Collins Police Department said in a statement.


Jablonski gave the pot brownie on April 14 to her 19-year-old son, Austin Essig, who then started acting strangely with witnesses saying he ran toward the window and jumped out "without hesitation," police said.


Police did not describe the exact injuries Essig suffered in the three-story fall, but said he was seriously hurt.


Colorado voters in 2012 sanctioned recreational use of marijuana, but only for those aged 21 and older. Voters in three other states and the District of Columbia have done the same, but pot remains illegal under federal law.


Jablonski could not be reached for comment.


She appeared in court briefly on Thursday and the Larimer County District Attorney's Office has formal charges pending against her, the Fort Collins Coloradoan reported on its website, citing court records.


Since Essig is over 18, Jablonski normally would have simply been given a misdemeanor citation, but the witness tampering charge is a felony that prompted her arrest, Fort Collins Deputy Police Chief Cory Christensen said.


"She allegedly attempted to get other witnesses to change their stories," Christensen said.


Jablonski was arrested on Wednesday, according to a police booking report.


It was the latest of several incidents of pot users harming themselves that authorities in Colorado have confronted since retail sales of the drug began there last year.


In March 2014, college student Levi Thamba Pongi of the Republic of Congo leaped to his death from a Denver hotel after consuming six times the recommended amount of marijuana cookies, with the Denver medical examiner's office listing "marijuana intoxication" as a contributing factor in his death.


Last month, 22-year-old Luke Gregory Goodman shot himself to death in a Colorado ski resort town after witnesses said he ate a large amount of pot candies, the Summit County coroner said.

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I find it interesting that there are a handful of these alike stories in colo right now. I propose these medibles are not just medical cannabis, but the synthesized

cannabinoid concoction often called bath salts. those are know to make weird people act even stranger, often violent, with face chewing and suicides widely reported.

The chemical analysis, if their is one, would most likely just show cbds and thc as cannabis, and nobody would be the wiser. Now, lets find out the source of the medibles causing people to kill themselves like we would if it was a snickers bar or a coca cola !   I don't for a second doubt these people are killing themselves, but c'mon, we ALL know that ending one's life is not on the menu of cannabis effects. at all. ON the contrary actually...


Colo may have a Medible Tainter on their hands, no surprises there in the Green Rush.

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"witnesses saying he ran toward the window and jumped out "without hesitation," police said."




okeedokee officer. we all know that there is NO running going on after a medical cannabis edible, and everything is done WITH hesitation after a medible.

its a challenge just to stand up !

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It is nothing to joke about, but it totally reminds me of the old anti drug stuff they used to make us watch back in the 70's and 80's.  But the 'jumpers' were always on PCP.  I can actually picture it in my brain.  Driving off a cliff one too.


hmm,... let me youtube it and see if I can ffind it...


Nope... but I found this which is similar:


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Also a good friend of mine jumped off the third floor of his apartment building one night, after drinking a ton of liquor.  His friends we're all so wasted, that they dragged him back inside, for another hour before they called 911. He passed into a coma for 1 1/2 months, and was unable to walk for another 6.  It was about a year and a half before he was back to normal, after a ton of physical rehab.  I'm glad liquor is illegal, so this will never happen to another 19 year old fresh out of high school.

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