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Ridiculous Testimony Mars Debate On Marijuana Dispensaries

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For the second week in a row, marijuana misinformation surfaced during testimony in Michigan’s House of Representatives regarding medical marijuana and the people that need it


by Rick Thompson/May 14, 2015

LANSING- House Judiciary Committee chairman Rep. Klint Kesto called off a proposed third week of testimony on a pair of medical marijuana bills that the Michigan legislature has been kicking around for the last three years.

Considering the nature of the testimony heard in that committee over the last two weeks, maybe that’s a good thing.

The two bills represent long-awaited corrections to two snags in the medical marijuana laws in Michigan. One bill, re-introduced this year for the third consecutive legislative session, would authorize marijuana dispensaries; the other would correct a 2013 Appellate Court decision that removed legal protections for registered patients using non-smoked forms of cannabis.

This legislative session’s testimony on HB 4209 and HB 4210 began May 1 and continued on May 7. On the 1st the Committee session began with a 45 minute slideshow from the Michigan State Police (MSP) wherein fuzzy math and candy wrappers were presented as proof that marijuana is out of control and needs to be reigned in.


Special: read more about the April 30 session and 38,000 Joints HERE


“When you see people make claims about the exploitation of marijuana and the marijuana industry, it shows how little they know about cannabis itself,” said Jamie Lowell, Chairman of the Michigan chapter of Americans for Safe Access.

The May 7th session featured testimony from Paul Welday, an Oakland County Republican who serves as the frontman for the MRC, often referred to as ‘the Monopoly Group’. During his testimony Welday “commonly refers to legal caregiver grows as “illicit” and “illegal”,” according to the captions on a video released to social media by MILegalize, a grassroots organization seeking legalization of adult use through an inclusive program that fosters small business.

On the video Welday calls these operations “public hazards” and “public nuisance” grows. Even hardcore MRC backers took issue with the nature of the testimony and the assault on the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act (MMMA).

Jim Powers, speaking on behalf of the MILegalize group, said, “We don’t support the attack on the MMMA or the caregiver system and will oppose any effort to restrict the rights already established under current law.”

To be sure, advocates have done their job. The need to re-legalize non-smoked forms of marijuana for registered patients is clear. Testimony delivered by parents of sick children and ill adults has made the issue real to the Committee members. The pictures of 6-year old Ryan Powers, shown in one photo bloated by steroids and in another healthy and smiling, is an indelible image legislators will remember at voting time.

Supporters of the Provisioning Centers Act delivered testimony of significance, including Detroit City Councilman James Tate. In Detroit they are considering proposals to allow dispensaries, or Provisioning Centers, because of the state’s failure to act, Tate told the Committee on the 7th.


 Detroit-Councilman-James-Tate-testifies-photo caption: Councilman James Tate delivers testimony to the Michigan House of Representatives, May 7, 2015


Instead of taking a third session of testimony on May 14th, Chairman Kesto has set the issue aside while amendments to the current language of the bills are being prepared. Another session will be scheduled “in a few weeks,” said Robin Schneider, Legislative Liaison for the National Patients Rights Association (NPRA), the marijuana community’s lead lobbying organization for the advancement of the two bills.

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gee, hope it wasn't anything I said


I hope they get the message...GET OFF OUR GRASS




We worked Hard for our Good Law


If you want recreational, quit riding on our backs and get your own law that does not infringe on ours

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you mean to tell me that with all the Alphabet soup of organizations and their members not one posted the hearings to watch.


They evidently do not want any light shown on them..like cockroaches, scurrying back to Grand Rapids after their disgraceful show to plan their next asault on our Good Law and sick people.


We have the Best Medical Marijuana Law in the Country.


That's why they are working so hard to destroy it.


it's a Cannabis Caliphate

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you mean to tell me that with all the Alphabet soup of organizations and their members not one posted the hearings to watch.

theres rules existo. you cant just film in hearings wihtout permission.


the video should be here in a few days





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theres rules existo. you cant just film in hearings wihtout permission.the video should be here in a few dayshttp://www.house.mi.gov/MHRPublic/videoarchive.aspxhouse.mi.gov/VideoArchive/JUDI-051415.mp4

I understand. My point was, it seems like no one wanted anyone to see the hearings for fear of public backlash.


Guess what, we saw and there was soo much public backlash the cancelled the third meeting.


The hearing and testimony was nothing but anti CareGiver/Patient and a promo for testing and dispenceries.


Their agenda and graft are abundantly obvious....profit and greed rule


ten years ago we commoners would have no idea how we were being railroaded. Thank God technology allows us to communicate in real time. So what are the corrupt politicians forced to do. cancel their ill fated hearings.


We the People ARE Winning.

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We have the Best Medical Marijuana Law in the Country i agree


We had it but as someone said last night on PGT show until Leo stops taking peoples stuff and breaking down doors just because of smelling cannabis coming from someone's home cannabis will never be Legal

Right On bobandtorey!!!!!!!!

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Until you remove the financial rewards for The War on Drugs nothing changes but who is carved out to get the money


We still have the Best Law for the Patient in the country. It has been decades of reefer madness, it'll take some time to turn this hospital ship around.


Michigan has been the Silent Success of the Legal Marijuana States. Maintaining Patient Home Grow and CareGiver rights....the bedrock of the foundation.


Decriminalization is the Solution, Not shutting down poor folk from supplying/obtaining their own Meds through onerous fees and testing or intrusive raids or inspections


my ancestors were smoking Cannabis for over a thousand years without incident. You are trying to hard to figure out how to OVER regulate it


We the People know better.

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