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Wow thanks guys. I had a feeling a few folks would appreciate the pic. That is crazy resin production for 32 days but she will probably finish around 50 days. You can see that many trichomes have already gone cloudy which is a trait that comes from original bubblegum.


The color kinda reminds me of a blue spruce with snow on it.

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Your using co2 right?


Wow thats an incredably frosty plant what a beauty! :blink:


Thanks Kingdiamond.


My friend is growing that plant and he took the picture. But no he doesn't use CO2. I did help him out when he got started growing though. He uses a soil mix very similar to mine but slightly modified.

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Yeah its got my interest dude.If this strain is as good as it looks I hope it will be available to card holders at some point.Because that joker looks like a million bucks to me. B)


Thanks rambozo! Yeah I'm working on getting a new batch of seeds made up. I have the Original Bubblegum mom and the A13 dad in veg right now. Soon as they are big enough they're going into their flower rooms.


It's as good as it looks, tastes awesome and the effect is strong. Both lines are tasty and potent but Apollo13 is probably more potent. The Bubblegum clone gives you perma smile and you become extremely happy.


I don't know of anybody else who has made this cross but it's definitely a good one. The next couple weeks are going to be very interesting. I hope he keeps posting pics

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