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New Testers Up For Grabs!


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Greetings All,

We have completed our first round of testers and are very excited about the possibilities, we have chosen several of our working mothers to cross with select males, sibling of chosen males are seeing excellent stable results. Our hope is that this stability is past on to the crosses we have made along with complementary components to boost yield, color, structure, flavor profile and other desired traits.


We are looking for growers of all skill levels to test grow some of the crosses, you will not be required to do a grow journal rather just grow the plants and document your findings and pass them on to us.

The ideal candidates should meet the following requirements:

  • Able to start the seeds right away.
  • Able to start from seed. (LOL)
  • Able to document work (Public or Private)
  • Able to do a smoke report and hook us up with a half oz. :D
  • Only take beans if you are going to grow them!

The crosses are available in 5 or 10 packs, please only take what you need as supplies are limited.

The available mixes with testing names:

Skull Cap

Perma Frost x Lavender-Am Core. F1

Stink Bug

Plushberry x Lavender-Am Core. F1

Bitterroot Head

Plushberry x Block Head-Am Core. Fi

PM Dawn

Purple Monkey Balls x Lavender –Am Core. F1






These are test beans and should be grown as such, growers should not invest an absorbent amount of resources in the beans until they have tested them out, in short these should be grown on a smaller scale until proven.


Beans are free and available to legal Michigan MJ patients and caregivers whom have valid state issued cards and paperwork.


These are in very limited supply and will be given on a first come first served basis. We do reserve the right to refuse request based on insufficient MMP credentials or bad vibes in general.


If you feel kind enough to run some beans give us a holla!




Cannastyle at g mail dot com


I added your pic's LHB

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Hey all,


I have been asked for a description of these strains...this description comes from MosCutty...here ya go...


About the AM Core Line.

The Am Core Line refers to a line developed by a friend whom is a 4th generation European farmer. His family has been in possession of some amazing genetics that have been lost to many others. He has allowed me to help refine this line as well as use offspring for our efforts.

The foundation of the mix on the male side is Amnesia “Core” cut x SSH (original Stanti stock)

The female stock as in the Lavender and Block Head, come from original selected stock that have been with his community for years.

Of course the AM-Core line extends the flowering times of the initial crosses however the secondary crosses we have made should shift the flowering times with in range for 90% of the offspring.

This line brings in extremely sought after medicinal effects, we should se very high CBD/CBN and THC with these mixes.

I have just finished the Lavender-Am Core females and I will say they are outstanding. Reek of lavender and skunky haze and the high is euphoric and uplifting. Opening the jar of the medz makes the eyes water and burn. I found myself dancing around the house and playing with my dogs, which I never do. :o


Stink Bug TGA Plush Berry x Lavender Am Core

We took our “Pink Lady”(THC tested 22.08) space queen leaning pheno of Plush berry and crossed her with our Lavender – Am Core male.

We expect the Plush berry side of the cross to be opened up and see more of the color of the Black Cherry Soda dad. Space Queen bud structure should be dominant with increased yield and flavor along with excellent trich production. Possible color changers via the Black Cherry Soda Grandpa.

Look for the shorter pheno, as you will see a decent stretch.

Expect a 60-70 flowering window depending on selected pheno.


P.M. Dawn Purple Monkey Balls x Lavender Am Core

We are very excited about this cross of our PMB clone crossed to the Lavender-Am Core Male. The only issue we have ever had with PMB is its lack of vigor. The selected male should boost vigor and ad to the already dynamic flavor profile on this plant.

We expect Bushy PMB leaning phenotypes, indica dominate leaves and a well-balanced structure. The smells should range from strong grape to grape/spice, with sweet fruit undertones. Possible color changers.

Expect flowering times from 56-65 days.


Bitterroot Head Plush berry x Block Head-Am Core.

This second cross with our “Pink Lady” pheno should be outstanding with the addition of the Block Head-Am Core Male. Carry thing very stable AM Core stock into the Block Head should allow safe passage of the Block Head gene pool into the “Pink Lady.”

We expect large plants with 2 dominate phenotypes, one being a dready space queen structure of the mom and the second a bulky pheno fashioned after the BCS and the Block Head. Think Grapefruit and Raspberries! This may also have some color changing via the BCS grandpa.

Expect flowering times from 60-75 days.

Skull Cap Perma Frost x Lavender-Am Core.

This cross should be cold as ice, with the brother Master Kush’s cut of Perma Frost. Master Kush has been working this cut for several years with excellent results. One issue that we have found with the plant is structure so taking the trusty Lavender-Am Core male to this girl seemed like the right thing to do.

The heavy menthol flavor of the Perma Frost should mix well with the citrus spice of the Lavender, creating a nice mix for the wreck lovers.

Expect some interesting phenotypes but of what variety we don’t know. Since this is the first time opening up the Perma Frost line we don’t know what pheno’s she will throw. However we do know our male is stable and can tame many a ladies and help there off spring shine.


Expect flowering time to be 60 70 days.

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Hey everyone,


I apologize for the late reply, been super busy, in and out of state, lots of things going on. Currently the beans are being dryed and germ tested, so time will tell, but its looking around 7-10 days before everything is a go.


Here is the list of members for the test beans.















Motor, I recieved your email, I will try and get you on the list....but I have to tally first.


Thanks everyone!

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Motor, I recieved your email, I will try and get you on the list....but I have to tally first.


No problem Canna, do your thing bro and if there are enough left over than I'd be happy to test a few, if not than it's all good. Thanks again :rock:

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