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Judiciary Hearing On Hb 4271- House Tv Broadcast

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The hearing is not specific to 4271. It would appear that members are seeking comment regarding the use of marijuana in the state, to include both medical and recreational options. Anything is fair game. I think the attendees expected it to be more specific to the PC bill, and are addressing the issues from that perspective. It is a brainstorming session.

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The last woman Was Great! so was the Hospice Nurse! Id hire able but he has always been for the despense' s He opened the 1st one right? or near the 1st in ann arbor, lol They had questions for able,yea they acted like they didnt know him! He is not on the pt's side on the supply centers or what ever ya phaqing call em! a good attny but he has $$only on his mind now. The lady attny smoked their butts and handed them back to em, No one had any questions for her! I think she was awsome and told em just how it is,,,,,but ya got the lady who wrote the original mm bill and her friend the attny, Their non chalantly working together, Their gonna screw c.gs mostly, prob only gonna be pt grows, oh man, than ya get an edgemacated person using pts burning one together! oh yea i beleive there should be p2p in the bill! Peace Jim

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 So basically this was just a general discussion. It was not a hearing on 4271 at all.  We will save our powder for the real deal..

Well, it was and it wasn't. The committee appears to be taking a longer view. But yeah. 4271 is not at the center of the discussion, but a part of that.


This could be very, very good.

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yes and no Cindy.  There is no bill that was discussed today.  Just a whole lot of rhetoric about testing.  No doubt sponsored by the testing centers.  Presently their concern is they cannot legally take in meds to test.   There was somewhat less than previously said and written about "bad caregivers", but it was sorta an undercurrent.  CPU did not testify or submit written testimony, but, I had our 30 copies ready to go if things had been more negative.  


Apparently there is an H2 version ready to go, or almost ready to go, depending on who you talk to.  It allegedly removes cultivation from the provisioning centers domain.


I thought Robin S's testimony was in fact pretty balanced.  The hospice lady was very nice but as seems typical, a wack job when you read her testing and labeling requirements.


There is not a shred of doubt in my mind that if this bill passes it will be ladened with a set of Christmas tree lights called amendments.  I expect they will drive prices up if for no other reason with the PC's, the testers, the growers and the like, all will want to be paid (as is normal).


Matthew Taylor and Brandon McQueen testified.  Brandon did not impress.  Matthew actually did a fine job and made some pertinent points.  Brandon just didn't have an angle that was made coherent.  He seemed like a very nice person.


I spoke with Joe Cain.  Interesting enough we have the same basic understanding of this bill.


the testimony was tightly controlled, as I had suggested earlier it would be.  


In the end I came home thinking the bill has a reasonable chance of getting out of committee.  I mean Rep Callton has no doubt spread the dispensary donations to the Judiciary committee members.... I think the overall success in the full House will be much more difficult.  I tend to think the Senate is going to be a problem.  Can they get it out of Sen Jones Judiciary committee?  No one knows that for sure as yet.


In any case it is early in the game.  The deck of cards are just now being shuffled....


Interesting sausage making indeed (to quote a good guy attorney I know)....

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Lotsa food for thought. This represents a possibly sea change in the advancement of cannabis as a commodity in all its worth. When everything is said and done, can it be rightly said that letting us grow it between the cukes and the eggplant is the single best solution?

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