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G-Pen Makers Dont Want Our Buisness

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some of you know I have a resale license and occasionally get different items after testing them myself and finding them worthy. Like the Omicron Vaporizers for example.... 


anyway, I recently was given a G-Pen Mini to try out for a few days. I liked it enough to warrant buying a few and testing further.




I contacted the distributor with a simple email:



I would like information on setting up a wholesale account with your company.

I have the necessary federal and state resale licenses 45-xxxxxx


thank you

Brian xxxxxxx

LongHair's Laboratory






and this is the response  received:



Thank you for your email!
Unfortunately, at this time we are not able to conduct any wholesale business with stores associated with medical marijuana. This was a decision made by our CEO to stay as legitimate as possible. We appreciate your interest and apologize for any inconvenience. 
Thank you very much,
Secretary Of Sales
Grenco Science Inc.
Los Angeles, California
I could care less if they want to forge a business relationship with me or not. BUT, I do have a couple problems with the way this had unfolded. so I sent them this gem:
I appreciate your time and efforts in replying to my request, however, I am a little puzzled with your reply. First, I never mentioned marijuana. medical or otherwise. second, I hate to burst your bubble bro-ette, but are you fu****g kidding me?? what the hell else would one use one of these for?? and don't give me some bullsh** "herbal extracts" blah blah blah. your ENTIRE industry, your ENTIRE companies profits and YOUR ENTIRE PAYCHECK are derived from cannabis extract enthusiasts/patients.
It's kind of insulting that an industry would shun the very people they rely on for profit. I DO happen to live in a medical state. I DO require a medical card for purchase. I put these in the hands of dying cancer patients, patients too weak or compromised to "smoke" or even eat a substance that provides instant relief without opiates. I would hope you'd re-think your position.
I will give it a few days for a reality based response from you before I alert the medical community of Michigan that your company doesn't want us as a customer. you see, not only are there several more companies selling the exact same items that embrace our community and desire our business, but I'll be able to do you a favor. with my position with the Michigan Medical Marijuana Association I am sure I can alert a large number of medical patients to find a more "friendly" source for their vaporizer needs. you can count on me to stamp out these "illicit" sales for you in Michigan. I'd accept it as my mission!
I am very sorry for your frustration, as a aromatherapy diffusion company we are trying to stay as legitimate as possible. We would love to set up a wholesale account with you, however, unfortunately we are unable to do so at this time. I sincerely apologize and if anything changes in the future, I will be sure to let you know. 
so, there's my tale. maybe I'm just a dick, but I find that insulting and WON'T be endorsing their product, and have now followed thru with my "mission" statement
O-Phos/Omicron pens are nicer anyway
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I had a terrible time with G-pen, I bought one, it broke within 2 days of purchase, I bought a replacement atomizer, and within 2 hours, that was broken as well, I contacted G-pen, through there chat section on their home page and asked if they had any warranty on their products, she told me since it wasn't purchased through their website, they wouldn't be able to do anything for me.  This might not have been a big deal, but she immediately ended the chat, and when I tried opening up a new chat, I was shown a form screen stating they weren't available at this time, and further contact could be made through e-mail.  I erased the cookies they sent me and I was immediately able to open a new chat. I got the same person, but as soon as she found out I wasn't someone different than the guy asking about their warranty, the chat closed, and again I got the same form screen.  I erased my cookies again, and this time started the chat by saying I was a party store distributor, looking for wholesale purchase information.  She gave me her bosses phone number, e-mail, his secerataries e-mail and phone number, when I asked her how helpful she was going to be when all the G-pens I bought were returned withing a week broken, and how her boss would feel about the way she was treating customers when she thinks they're going to buy a large supply, vs customers with problems, she tried to do everything to get me not contact him, offering me a pair of replacement carts.  I e-mailed her boss, and told him what had happened, and he said the webpage was setup for certain protocol, and if I gave him a call, he would send me out a pair of replacement carts. I decided to say screw G-pen. The vape shop I purchased the G-pen from, gave me credit for the cost of the G, so I put it towards the Omnicron. Best choice I've made in a long time. 

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Nothing like biting the hand that feeds ya boycott these a holes . :butt2:


Let's all send them an email telling them we will not be using their products and we will recommend that our friends and associates do the same. 




I just sent mine.

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the g pens making whoopee suck. They did you a favor man, the mini g is a little better but after reading this I'm trashing it. My buddy can have it I don't want to support them even if they already got my money. You can't make hundreds of thousands of dollars off marijuana users then shun them when they want to do business. Grenco science sucks

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What I don't get is if they're anti cannabis, why have they done a gold and (blood) red g-pen for game, a black micro set for Action Bronson, (who's interviews have been littered with concentrate dabs out of the micro's) and most recently a HUF collab.


Keith Hufnagel, is the poster boy for weed, and skateboarding, his recent clothing company collab with HIgh Times, and continuing the trend with his plantlife clothing off-brand fron HUF. 


They sure are surrounding themselves with some heavy hitting weed pushing celeberities, for a company that doesn't support the medical comunity.

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Ebay. Thats where they are. The first one I bought the battery was dead. The jerk gave me a hard time over it,said he would send me another one,he didn't. Then he said he TOLD me to send him the bad one and he would send me another one. Good thing I kept all the conversations because he was lying. Then he gave me a refund!   At least I got my money back. Back to my Highlighter one hitter

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Here was my email if you're interested:


It has come to my attention through the Michigan Medical Marijuana Association that your company, in an attempt to be more "legitimate", is not interested in selling to, or being associated with Medical Marijuana patients/retailers.  First off, your language about being more "legitimate" is insulting.  In Michigan, along with 19 other states and DC, Medical Marijuana is 100% legal and completely "legitimate".  For you to imply otherwise is disrespectful and degrading to the Medical community.  These are real people with real health issues that could use your products to seek relief for their legitimate qualifying medical conditions.  Thankfully, you have less short-sited competitors, that are more than happy to support patients in need, and I for one will be using their products moving forward.
And on another note, who are you trying to impress with your "legitimacy"?  Your customer base?  You know 100% of them use your product for marijuana consumption right?  If you think otherwise, you are a fool.
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