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5 Possible Signs Of A Future Cancer Diagnosis


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Here are the five signs you're likely to be diagnosed with cancer in your lifetime . . .

Your body, and in particular your immune system, cannot function at optimal levels if . . .

  1. You are deficient or imbalanced in key nutrients and hormones.
  2. You are overweight or obese.
  3. You smoke or chew tobacco.
  4. You eat too many refined sugars and grains.
  5. You're ingesting toxins in your food, water, air, and medicines.


a local physician

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Really all you need is number 3 and 4.  If you are eating grains and refined sugar you will have nutrient and hormone problems and more than likely be at least a little overweight.  You will need toxic maintenance drugs because of the nutrient deficiencies and since refined sugar and grains are found in processed foods you are ingesting plenty of toxic chemicals.

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you live under power lines

you have wifi in your house, or excessive RF waves from cell phones, etc

you live in a house made of concrete (its low level radioactive)

you fly in airplanes a lot (cosmic rays)

you live in the northern hemisphere (darn fukushima still pumping out the nuclear particles, right across the pacific man.)

you drink or bathe in chlorinated/flurodated water. (theres a reason why you dont put it on your plants)

you eat or breath or put on your skin artificial flavorings, colorings, perfumes, anti-bacterial chemicals (not including alcohol/vinegar/bleach/h2o2 "mechanical" anti-bacterial methods) etc

you eat any processed or cooked foods

you touch or eat off of plastic (plastic is cancer man, bpa? how many other things in plastic are there that we have no idea about?)

you breathe car exhaust


probably more. lots of things to avoid for a healthy life haha

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people with health problems start off with diet, and its a good idea.

but i wonder how their environments need to be changed as well.


start with the air quality in the dwelling.

is there enough oxygen concentrations? some houses and buildings suffer from "sick building syndrome", which is a lack of ventilation and a buildup of co2, radon, etc.

-easy fix, have some (or a bunch) of houseplants indoors to filter the co2 in the air, as well as other VOC. plenty of scientific studies on this subject.

-run hepa air filter to take out pollen, dust, dander, etc from the air to improve quality as well.


whats interesting is that the hippies, i'm guessing thru sheer luck, have figured out the processes in which to stay the healthiest. through frugality and "saving the earth" techniques to limit the toxins in all parts of their lives.


for example:

many earth-concious people believe in recycling, the three R's reduce reuse and recycle. So they may buy (or save from the dumpster) used cars, used clothing, used furniture, used tools etc.


you say, how does that keep them healthy?? easy.

many new products, when manufactured, are coated with cancerous chemicals. oils, VOCs, perfumes, conditioners to protect plastics and vinyls. or actually CONTAIN the vocs, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volatile_organic_compound . We all know and have smelled VOC in our lifetimes. its the "new car smell" or the "new plastic smell". that smell that some people like? probably not good for you. its also called outgassing.


So by buying used, the materials that people buy, have already outgassed or stablized a majority of the VOC, and possibly other things that maybe damaged.


well thats just like my opinion, dude.

all i know is that most furniture foam/stuffing comes sprayed with flame retardent stuff, and whatever that is, its probably not good to breathe. that brand new couch maybe killing you! dun dun dunnnnnn



next the earth-concious people buy reusable materials and things that will last.

so glass cups instead of plastic cups. stonewear plates instead of plastic plates.

limiting plastic in your life may help you more than you can imagine. BPA? are you serious? you know how much OJ i've had in plastic containers? :(


glade air wicks and other scented stuff, just dont do it. plain candles and houseplants filter air incredibly well. or microwave / boil lemon peels in water for lemon scent. make your own scents! why pay extra for them?



a quick rule of thumb is if its not safe for eating the glade air wick, dont use/buy it.

i'm not telling you to get rid of all plastics, or all cell phones, or all wifi/RF waves or all concrete. is this stuff all found in large quantities? no. but you have thousands of things per day that you touch or breath or eat and it adds up.


you cant avoid all of it. but you can limit your exposure to it.

take small steps. try to get unscented detergent (its difficult! haha), try to get unscented shampoo (baby shampoo generally is mild). good luck

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And some of it just comes down to genetics.

My grandmother smoked her whole life and lived in Lackawanna(steel district) and no cancer and died from bashing her head in the middle of the night.  My other grandmother was mentally healthier, ate healthier, took her vitamins and had a much better family life and lived in the country and died 10 years earlier because of cancer.

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Gene Mutations Tied to Leukemia Rise With Age, Study Finds



In the study, researchers looked at more than 4,200 people without any evidence of blood cancer. They found that up to 20 percent of people aged 50 to 60, and more than 70 percent of people older than 90, have blood cells with the same gene changes seen in leukemia.



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General consensus of researchers now says that majority of cancers are caused by genetics. So if you are genetically predisposed to get cancer then environmental factors will enable development. Conversely, if you are not genetically predisposed then environmental factors will have no effect.

careful w that last part... people w/o certain genetic predispositions still develop cancer. it's more than likely a complex interplay of genes and environmental factors, played out over the course of times. genes can express or not... mostly it has to be environmental influences as to which and why.

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Radon gas is another one. Many studies say it's the second leading cause of lung cancer after tobacco smoke. Get your house tested. Genetics are a big part too. Many young children get cancer without having enough time to be exposed to any of these harmful things.



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