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Power Out, Possibly Till Friday

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My house is 100% electric. my separate grow bldg is also electric(cept for c02). I lose my power at least twice a year, last year it was for 13 days ! It cost 40 dollars a day to keep both running, and I heated the house with wood, hoping to lessen the fuel needs of the house gen. The garden didn't skip a beat, saved 100 chickens and three dozen rabbits in the freezer, and gained a whole new respect for the power complainy.

I feel your pain, hang in there.

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Hang in there man I doubt it goes until Friday every time I lose my power they give me the 72 hours or more spiel it usually comes on the next day kudos on being a prepared generator owner !

I wish I had your optimism.  After driving around and talking to some workers I will be amazed and surprised if it is back before next weekend.  They aren't going to restore power until the downed lines are fixed, and they went from 300 downed lines to 500 last night.  Most of the workers I saw were still putting up caution tape at this point.


Wow, I just read LBWL has a grand total of 30 people working to fix this.  1000's of homes without power and they scraped together a whole 30 people including crews from other towns.  Meanwhile Consumers has 300 people from out of state on top of what they already have?


Furthermore, isn't this the kind of thing the National Guard is supposed to help with?  I clearly remember hearing a radio commercial where the brave National Guardsmen were clearing a downed power line.  They saved the day and were proud to serve their community.  Well, lets get to it guys.  Oh right, u are all in foreign countries fighting stupid donkey wars.  GG

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Mine went our 6:15 a.m. Sunday. I stayed last night, not again tonight though lol.

I only had one plant in bloom and it turned out to be male so... let him freeze LOL!

Babies are here with me nice and warm with family :)


Stay warm & safe everyone.


On a side note, isn't it just beautiful?

Last night about 11pm I was out walking around. It was so bright, even with out any

power, moon or stars, there was an eerie light to everything, was pretty awesome. 

Quiet for being in the center of the city also :jig:

Lots of downed lines for sure. Two down just in my block alone.

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The ice on the trees when the sun came out today was amazing. 


I've got my phone set for 9am, 9pm and 1am to work the lights.  Got 2 cords of wood today that was stored inside, Score!.  Last nite had the internet for 1 hr and had enough time to find someone selling wood only a couple blocks over.  Broke in the fireplace today.  Rigged the boiler with and extension cord and got heat.  Just don't have a 220 for the well pump.  Been thru this before and will be again, little unprepared this time but we got it together.

So much for getting back to NY for Xmas, oh well.


I'm on consumers and there were lots of trucks around earlier checking it out.  I'm hoping they just shut down the grid and are making sure things are fine to turn it back on tonite.  Fingers crossed.


Love the smell of the place with the carbon filters down, wife, not so much :)


Thanks for the firewood offer.  Have chainsaw and will travel most times.  Xmas and power out has my attention for a while though.


Gotta post this before I loose the internet again.  I'll b back.

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Man, just got power back recently.


Two days of running two generators, $$$ hurts. Thankful just to have power again.

Bro I have a 3500/4000 maximum peak it has a 3 1/2 gallon gas tank, it lasts me over 20 hrs, I have never ran out of gas with it, I mean 3.5 gals every 20 hrs is pretty easy to keep it full, 2,,,,,6 gallon gas tanks runs it for 4 days, I have the honda with a 220 plug also, like many who have basements in my area we have to make sure our sump pump runs also, I can plug in my well long enough to fill bath tubs and what ever so we can flush toilets and boil some water for cooking, I keep 5,,,6 gallon water containers filled at all times for flushing toilets, I was using distilled water and I saved all of my 2.5 empty gallons and fill them up for emergency's, we also have a wood burner that is hooked into our duck work, It works awsome w/o the blower fan that spreads it thru the duct work, in fact it works better than when I use the blower fan, its in my basement, and since I moved here I put floor vents in every room so the heat can rise on its own!


Im not sorry I didnt get affected by the storm, but I do feel realy bad for those that are down a lil bit lower than me, them power lines are down all over the place, ive seen it on the news, flint area looks to be the worst, we were right at the top of that storm, so we only got fluffy snow, can make snow balls with it,,yea there is no snow sticking to our trees here!  but like imi said " it sure is pretty" I dont remember having this much snow on the ground for several yrs!


I hope every one has a Happy Holiday!



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Got a taped phone call from Consumers saying it's the worst storm in ten years and they are doing everything they can.

Maybe this spring they could revisit what they said last spring and look to do more preemptive trimming and move toward more underground lines.

I will give them credit for stationing generators at strategic points to get power up again until repairs can be done.

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