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The New World Of Michigan Medical Marihuana

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Add up your Edibles and Calculate Your Concentrates – The New World of Michigan Medical Marihuana

-Ben Rosman

It seemed like a major victory  when both bills passed the House, back on December 12, 2013 – The Provisioning Center Bill passed by 95 – 14 and the Concentrates Bill passed by an overwhelming majority of 100-9. However, months passed as both bills were then sent to languish in Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville’s Government Operations Committee, where he planned to “sit on” the bills for a while, because he didn’t “want this ballot initiative to take over.”

At that time he said he was not in favor of dispensaries. It seems he has since changed his mind, however, and on July 15, 2014, Richardville’s Government Operations Committee voted both the Provisioning Center and Concentrates Bills out of Committee, to be voted on by the full Senate, likely in September. While Mr. Richardville claims that the current bills will look much different when voted on in September, we have a good idea of the bills’ general framework.

Edibles, Concentrates and Marihuana-Infused Products

Edibles will no longer be some hazy, undefined grey area under the MMMA. They will be regulated and counted towards a patient’s allowable 2.5 ounces. How did the lawmakers decide to calculate the weight of edibles?


Under the Concentrates Bill, one ounce of “usable marihuana” is equivalent to:

1.)    16 ounces of a marihuana-infused product, if in a solid form (like Cookies, Candies, Butter)

2.)    7 grams of a marihuana-infused product, if in a gaseous form (This may be referring to a product that does not yet exist.)

3.)    72 fluid ounces of a marihuana-infused product, if in a liquid form (like a Tincture, Coconut Oil Olive Oil, Beverage, etc.).

These are known as “usable marihuana equivalents”. A qualifying patient or caregiver must not exceed 2.5 ounces of BOTH usable marihuana AND usable marihuana equivalents to maintain their Section 4 Immunity under the MMMA.*

*Remember – fulfilment of this requirement alone will not provide immunity under Section 4 of the MMMA. For more information on the MMMA, please contact Komorn Law, PLLC at 855-420-LEGAL.



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72 fluid ounces of a marihuana-infused product, if in a liquid form (like a Tincture, Coconut Oil Olive Oil, Beverage, etc.).



Yee Haw! 72 fluid ounces!

One pound will generally reduce down to around two ounces of oil.

A few drops of coconut oil and we have an infusion abiding by the letter of the law.


Enough to put my brain into a gaseous state.



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Problem is that things like butter and coconut oil are solid at room temp and liquid just above.  How do I get the fluid volume for coconut oil capsules?  Or do I just weigh them at a gram a capsule allowing me 448 capsules to equal an ounce useable equivalent? OOOOOOOO YAAAAAA

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at room temp the vapors will stick to the wall of the baloon and become liquid/solid.

you would need some kind of aeresol/propellent to keep it in a gaseous state.


Ah well, there goes a good idea down the drain. Was hoping that dollar stores could phase out the helium...

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