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Growing For Myself?

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Hi All,


I am a legal medical marijuana patient. I am currently growing for myself. I live in an apartment and have a grow tent. I have been confused with the laws concerning growing for myself, because I was told by someone that you need to have the grow room somewhere where there is a padlock on the door for the entrance. Is this correct? Does the front door (The only entrance) count as legal if it is locked or does it have to be a separate room with a padlock on it?


I tried searching for the answer, but found nothing on this.



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think of it this way... you open the door of your house if someone knocks on it?


ok, except now its a cop knocking on the door. now your grow is not secured because he can access it.


thats kinda how it goes.

if you can, somehow, lock the room it is in, you will be better protected.


i mean, i understand if you cannot install hardware in an apt building.

maybe locking the tent zippers will help, although most tents have vent holes :P


having the front door locked is good... just look at people v king , the back door of his house had a malfunctioning lock. he won in the supreme court and he won in court. 5 years later.


lets put it this way- "as long as you arent in oakland county..."


can the super open your door with his key? if yes, its prob not "secured".

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if your in an apt make sure the room your grow tent is in can be locked at the door, not the main door to the apt, but the door to the bedroom it is in, even if it is your bedroom lock it, make sure it is always locked, even while  you are in it lol, seriously, overkill is better than under kill!



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Thanks everyone. I am getting extra locks just in case. I want to make sure I do not give anyone an excuse to question me or arrest me.



Ganja Johnny,have you had a good experience with the grow tent? I am think of getting one,but I hear bad and good stuff. Your input could educate me.


Yea the grow tent is awesome. It is 32x32x63. My first grow I did was with 30 gallon tubs, which was a very poor grow. The tent has a lot of good features like vents and air ventilation vents. There are no light leakage when zipped up. So far my plants are really healthy and I hope to add some more clones into them next week.

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the answer to your original post is "no."  At least one court has ruled if you live in an apartment and the owner or mainentence have a key to your apartment then your grow is not locked properly, unless of course you change the lock on the room it is located in.  Otherwise, this deshields you from the protections of the MMMA and thus can be charged criminally (felony) for manufacture of marijuana.  You may prove your innocence after a few thousand bucks.

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its so cool of the state to put this info page up for us with all the laws pertaining to our craft. With only a few pages to read should just take a minute. I wish he state required newly signed people to read these rules and understand them....before they grow,wind up in court, and further limit/amend our laws with a plea bargain



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naw, it isn't like that at all jointedone. 75% of my past patients are caregivers themselves now. They're growing my genetics and more they picked up along the way. Hopefully I set a good caregiving example for them to follow.


We see it all the time here. New grower, didn't read the rules, only scoured the net until finding the answer they were looking for in the first place. Next thing you know, we here things like "I only had 12 plants, those other 45 are just clones" & you cant charge me for those edible weights, you have to weigh the active ingredient only" & I didn't see the word "top" for outdoors grows" & we're all connected to each other in the registry, I can transfer to anyone with a card".


These falsities lead us to more and more jail time, property forfeiture, personal injuries, court costs, and stifling rules. Now for instance how can any one even legally use a concentrate in the lab for study when they think its illegal to possess? This has a profound negative effect on people that are dying awaiting cannabis extract studies.


Ignorance will not suffice with this one. We all pretty much have the same beliefs concerning our herbal choices, but when people derail and take a plea for lack of funds, it crushes all of us, drives wedges between us, exactly what some policy makers desire I suspect. This wouldn't be trial and error if the rules were followed, and we're all in danger of losing our rights because of irresponsible actions of others.


I love patients and caregivers both, especially the responsible ones doing responsible things.



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they have locks you can replace the simple door handle with that has a key and a dead bolt.. keep your old door hardware incase you move.  you will have to drill the hole deeper where the striker is.  tried to find a link, all I get are duel locks.  I was looking to show you one that is handle and deadbolt in one.. not sure if they quit making them or just not coming up in searches?  you can just get the regular keyed entrance and that should cover the law.  I would do this anyways as I don't trust these managers that usually are getting screwed to death, working 40 hours a week for free rent, that's why you see so many managers over a short time period.  Lots of them get disgruntled at their pay to hour ratio and its YOUR apartment they have keys too.

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There are combination door locks that I have seen used and also suggested to be used.

Eliminates leo from acquiring your keys for access to your grow.  Aesthetically pleasing

and less obvious than a clasp and padlock.



Just an example :


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You cannot legally share with anyone unless you possess a card from the state naming the person(s, up to five) you re registered to and allowed to supply. follow the rules listed here for best results http://www.michigan.gov/lara/0,4601,7-154-35299_63294_63303_51869_52138---,00.html


growing only what you and your patients need is the safest way to fly.

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patient to patient transfers are currently not protected from arrest by section4.

they maybe protected by section8.


so if you transfer to someone, be sure you are registered with them in LARA.

that or be sure you know them and dont say nothin to any cops without a lawyer.

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