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Looking For Help To Win My Fiance And I Our "dream Wedding!"

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We entered WIOG's "Dream Wedding" contest and have been doing well, but we need votes if we want to stay in the top ten! She's been nothing but smiles since she found out we were in the top 10! (tbh, I was surprise by so much support!)


I'm asking that you please take 30 seconds (that's all it takes, probably 15 if you try to be quick) and vote for us! We are couple number #53! It would be awesome to win with the support and love from the MMMA


We thank you again for taking the time to help us out! It means more than you know!
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I have 2 grand children I have never met, they live in oregon and my son is in san diago in the marines, I would love to visit my grand chidren before I die, also I need a vacation, I would love to go to hawii all I need is plane fair to both places and the rest I can mooch off of family, Thank you all so much!


Peace from a lonely grandpa with disabilitys and no money!

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take tuh bus.


also no facebook here.

I have a face book, Ive had a face book from day 1 of it starting out, I was big into myspace at the time face book come on!  I just dont prefer to share my face book and all of my family pics, but I have plenty of pics in my gallery!


No soup for you!



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I actually have a facebook that I used to vote for this exact issue already. (last I checked, the couple I had voted for (Ty and Sara) was a very close second to first.- #167-.)


Having a complicated web of internet people willing to click a like-button has its' advantages.


Best of luck though, I personally don't believe in these sorts of relationships, I view them as more toxic than anything, however I wouldn't wish anyone who does want to get Married any than the utter best, so again, best of luck.

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Ok well, I guess I might as well be the dyack here or the dark cloud of despair, or whatever you might call it. I prefer to think of my view as realism. Myself, I hate the idea of the "ideal" or "dream" wedding. I have had too many friends who got caught-up in the excitement of a wedding. They planned for months, the bride nailed-down all of the details, and they all saw that big day as the best day of their life. Then, any little thing that didn't go as-planned on the big day was seen as a tragedy. Then, after all of the attention and excitement, the couple settled-in to married life and the fun of planning a wedding wore off and they found themselves wondering what they had done. In other words, The couple's excitement was more about the wedding day than about spending many decades together. Too many couple focus on the wedding rather than the marriage.


Forget the excitement of the wedding, and focus on the excitement of having a partner for life. This means either the hubby or wife will end up changing diapers for the other in the long term, driving to Dr appointments, administering suppositories, etc.. Look at your partner and decide if you're up to the task of caring for that person when things get ugly - they always do. It is easy to buy into the fun of a wedding, but not so easy to buy into a commitment to care for this person through sickness and health (heavy emphasis on sickness. It is easy to love a woman when she is healthy - not so easy when she is sick.)


No offense to the OP. I hope he wins his dream wedding.

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met mine @ when I was 17, she 15. we married 3 months after she graduated, a year after I did. we had a kid a year later.

we never spent a night apart since. my best man and his girlfriend agreed to drive us to cedar point for our honeymoon and we paid their way. that was more than 30 years ago. I wouldn't trade her for any other. we both came from dysfunctional families, and showed them how its done. some of them are on their 3rd since then. We hope that we die together, at any healthy time.

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