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New Jersey Crime Lab Tech Suspended For Falsifying Test Results, Blows 7,800+ Cases

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A New Jersey Crime Lab technician was suspended with pay, after he was found writing down results of suspected marijuana, before the tests were even completed, throwing 7,827 criminal cases into doubt, damaging confidence in the workings of that state’s criminal justice system.



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Many of these crime labs receive kickbacks from convictions or lab results that pay the bills and many of the lab techs creating the most crimes get raises or promotions. This is just the tip of the problem where many courts and police departments run off kickbacks from convictions and arrests. Many of the prosecutors and police departments financially benefit from civil forfeitures. The jails and prisons financially benefit from resulting convictions. Drug testing facilities and parole programs get more “customers”. Pharmaceutical companies continue pushing out heroin in the form of pills (in ever increasing amounts), all while gaining the majority of their consumer base by previously lying about the addictive potential and efficiency. These entities then reinvest some of this into getting more anti-marijuana politicians elected, or use the additional resources to enact new laws and policies to further their crusade.


This is why they don’t want income from marijuana related activities being legit or for marijuana to be accepted as medicine. Once a legit recreational or medical economy gets started, funds will begin pouring over to the opposite front as we've seen in several states that have legalized it. A snowball effect has already started, but who knows how long this will take. We need many changes with legislatures, LEO, laws, state/federal funding and various protections against abuse. In other words, just about everything needs to be fixed.

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