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Michigan Admits Major Error, Dissolves New Marijuana Conditions Panel

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The agency that set up the Panel now dissolves it; reason is failure to comply with Michigan law. Is this why Clarkson retired?

LANSING- It took them nearly four years to convene the Panel, and now they say they did it wrong.


The Medical Marihuana Review Panel, whose formation was required in 2009 but was convened for the first time in late 2012, has been dissolved by the Agency who created it. The reason: They failed to follow Michigan Law when they created the Panel.




“After a careful review of the Medical Marihuana Act… the make-up of the current Medical Marihuana Review Panel does not meet the administrative rule requirements… As a result, the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs will be appointing a new panel that complies with the law. No further meeting of the review panel will be held until the new panel is appointed,” said the government in a private communication sent to a select few individuals.


This information was not posted on LARA’s website and was not released in a press statement. The Panel’s deconstruction was revealed in a letter sent to Panel participants on April 29, 2013 and was just recently obtained by The Compassion Chronicles.


Medical marijuana patients who participated in the sessions of the Panel, including a video testimony taping session held recently at the Michigan Library in Lansing, were not notified and may still be under the mistaken assumption that LARA’s promises were still going to be honored.


Read the rest here .....



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Can someone please show where this is in the law ?


“After a careful review of the Medical Marihuana Act… the make-up of the current Medical Marihuana Review Panel does not meet the administrative rule requirements..."


Michigan's new Chief Medical Executive

Matthew M. Davis, M.D., M.A.P.P.






One Co Authored article (among many) :



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We fought this rule for the panel in 2009.  We thought the makeup of the panel didn't make sense.  But they wrote it and adopted it and , as usual, didn't follow their own guidelines.  It would not surprise me that utter incompetence is why Celeste Clarkson(police officer) was removed as head of the program with LARA.  I have always felt she was the wrench in the works. Along with others.

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I've never seen a government established committee that didn't have its collective head totally up its disorganized arse.


And the government agency really doesn't care how many times they have to redo something, because they get paid for messing it up each time. It's all good, as far as they're concerned. It's only taxpayers money... so who cares? 


Heck! There might even be some overtime involved.

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It's in the rules adopted by the department.  The Act gives them authorization and it has the effect of law.




Yes .. but can the admin law override the MMMA?


The law required the hearing process begin six months after the law went into effect.


Can some two bit bureaucrat negate the peoples law?


I would think the applicant requirements have been met .. Any condition that has been requested should now automatically be included.

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Haaa Haaa Haaa! The Republicans did it again. They pulled the wool over the eyes of the medical marijuana community again!


Anyone who votes for Republicans really needs to think a little deeper. They have shown again and again that they are willing to lie, cheat, and throw people under the bus in order to achieve their misguided goals.


Why couldn't they have just modified the rules in order to not nullify all the effort that has been put into this project?


Because they want to do anything possible to stop, or at least slow down, the inexorable move towards legal marijuana.

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We have one grade A republican enemy, Bill Schuette.  He would never have been our friend but I doubt it would have become the personal crusade that it is if a certain someone had not showed up at his campaign fundraiser and pissed him off. Thanks Jojo..

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All of the conversation in this thread was interesting and relevant- until the comment made above by SFC.


I did read something interesting- Hayduke, you wrote that you rec'd the letter I wrote about, too. It was dated two weeks ago; you must have had this for quite a few days now. Why didn't YOU tell the community about this travesty? Anybody else feel like this letter should have been brought out into the open immediately, not hidden away in dark corners?

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