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Greens Case Dismissed Under Section 8

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Great News! congrats to the Greens. You know, IMHO, this is a victory for the mmmp community and all...but what a SHAME! for it to come to this point, i cant believe it. Do you know how many items someone can have in their home that is MUCH more valuable than a couple of cannabis plants? some people have diamonds, rare artifacts.


I hope the news spreads and people become(even more) aware of the ignorance of this type of discrimination..

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could you explain your statement please.


the first message in this thread says they had all charges dismissed.. now your saying it is a postponement..


I am curious which is accurate?


if they dropped the charges in Oakland are the greens facing charges somewhere else also? 

They have a case going on from CPS when they took the baby from them

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They have a case going on from CPS when they took the baby from them


that makes sense..


I was thinking that the criminal case was tied in with the CPS case.. but it makes sense the CPS court has its own authority.


I haven't been able to find a news article link about the criminal charges being dismissed...


it is great news that the criminal charges have been dismissed.. very good news...


I like to hear positive outcomes...

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Green trial delayed
Prosecutor’s Office needs time for more witnesses and to add allegations in Steve and Maria Green’s custody case in light of daughter’s hair test that came back positive for marijuana
by Andy Balaskovitz
Friday, Oct. 4 — A jury trial scheduled for Monday in Lansing residents Steve and Maria Green’s custody case has been rescheduled for Oct. 28 following new allegations that a hair follicle test of their 7-month-old daughter was positive for marijuana.

The test results, which are being disputed by the Greens’ attorney because of the small amount detected, came forward today during a hearing before Ingham County Probate Judge Richard Garcia.
"The baby has in her hair follicles marijuana," Garcia said today. "I'm sure we'll hear more about that at the trial."
In light of the results, the Ingham County Prosecutor’s Office will take more time to call expert witnesses during the trial and add the test results to the allegations against the Greens. The Prosecutor’s Office essentially represents the state Department of Human Services in child neglect or abuse cases.

Ingham County Prosecutor Stuart Dunnings declined to confirm the results of the court-ordered test before it is formally admitted as evidence.

Joshua Covert, the attorney representing the Greens, said today that the hair test — which was done by a lab in Kansas — showed .3 picograms of marijuana in the Greens’ 7-month-old daughter, Brielle. Covert disputes the results because the level is so miniscule — one picogram per milliliter is one trillionth of a gram.

“We’re talking a couple grains of sand in an Olympic-sized swimming pool,” he said, adding that it’s possible the result is a false positive. “Anytime you’re measuring something that small, errors in a machine can cause a false positive.”

Covert said the Greens will now have their own hair test done on Bree before the trial. He also noted that the Greens were supportive of having the test done at a hearing last month.

“Steve and Maria Green are sure they have not used marijuana around their daughter,” he said.

On Sept. 13, the Greens lost custody at least temporarily of Bree following allegations from Maria Greens’ 6-year-old son from a previous marriage that the couple had been using marijuana in front of the children. Steve and Maria Green are both qualifying medical marijuana patients. Steve Green uses cannabis to treat epilepsy, while Maria Green uses cannabis to treat multiple sclerosis.

Bree has been living with Maria Green’s mother since she was removed from the Greens’ home. For the first week, visitation was limited to three one-hour visits. On Sept. 20, Garcia allowed unlimited visitation.

On Thursday, pending felony charges of manufacturing marijuana in Oakland County against the Greens were dropped, after medical documents showed Steve Green is a qualifying patient.

“We were ready for a jury trial on Monday so that we can get our baby back and they just played more games,” Steve Green said outside the courtroom today. “We are very disappointed.”


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that was a quick dismissal.

wonder how many other oakland county residents need one of those?

i was at the court hearing and in my Opinion the look on the judges face was strange he could not say the words case dismissed he never spook it i am sure it has been dismissed 

i just find it hard to believe coming from Oakland County i will have to also say i must give it to the Greens they kept their story alive a lot better then me and Torey could do or did 

before the Baby was taken from them the story didn't get a lot of support IMHO i have been to many of their court days and he was offered a plea deal a few times and they didn't take it


i guess it's just me because of the all the years we where fighting our case that make me think if there is some kind of trick if this had been any other court house i wouldn't be thinking like i am


Good Luck to the Greens they did a lot of the work for them self and now they will be helping others get their case's dismissed lets all hope this is the turning point in Oakland County for all

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Might it be anandamide that was detected, which is a naturally occurring substance in all humans? If the court needs nine dollar words to explain it, they are endogenous cannabinoid neurotransmitters, and might be found in the judge and prosecutors' hair samples, if they can get those from between their teeth.

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The Greens had a feloney charge in Oakland Co I don't know for what then they were charged in Lansing for endangering their baby. I think it had somthing to do with too many plants. People should know two patients a husband and wife can only have 12 plants when they are patients, if one is a caregiver then they can have 24.

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