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Gop Poster Child...mom Ma's Sooo Proud

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Yes, the corporations bought our government.  They were able to do so, because the citizens let them do it.  Now for the last 30 years the same corporations have spread resentment against the very government they bought among the citizenry.  Why?  Because the only thing that stopped the corporations 100 years ago was the government.  (Read up on Teddy Roosevelt and the Progressive Movement.)  If people hate the government, then they won't use the one tool that can rein in the corporations.  Just keep spreading the animosity, and you can live on top of the heap forever.  


As long as we hate the government, and keep spreading that hate, we will never be able to win.

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the gop compass points right to the dems pockets, as they want your money, and the dems stole it. thinking there is any difference between the two is like thinking being raped by guy 1 is better than being raped by guy two. the best way we can flower up this country is by voting for a rep or a dem.




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