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I Love Michigan!


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thanks for the welcome and encouragement!

sorry I'm not much fun to tease when it comes to sports rivalries :(

I'm not much of a football (or sports in general)

I played them when I was younger and I enjoy attending sporting events

and I will watch an exciting game if it happens to be on a screen at the tavern

although I grew up in a family who are serious sports fans

the Reds and the Bungles :( and mom LOVED Bobby Knight and IU and being Irish/Catholic they are Notre Dame fans

my younger brother was one hell of an athlete and excelled at any sport he played setting records that still stand at the high school

he is a now a teacher and high school football coach and consumed by football in one way or another most of the year

I was an average athlete and when I got into playing music I lost interest in sports

so I have no loyalties to any teams...but like PFC said...Go Buckeyes! LOL :)

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