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Tuesday November 4Th 2014


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I will absolutely be voting and I will absolutely be voting against Shuette. This guy has got to go. As stated above please tell everyone you know to do the same and tell them the reasons. No matter how you vote on the rest he HAS TO GO.........


Edited to add time to dawn a new day..,.....

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i love it..


you all are awesome...


the generosity this site can provoke still impresses me...


thank you so much every one.


when BS was elected i personally blew off the warnings of those few informed folks who "knew better"


wish i would have listened..


i now know how important it is having an attorney general who supports "every patients personal choice"


it is paramount.


the thing is.. i saw a TV commercial today staring BS... he said.. and i somewhat will try to quote..


"rape victims deserve better justice"

"years behind processing the DNA evidence kits"

"my administration will put an end to the backlog of DNA evidence cases"


my question would be...


what have you been doing already about rape victims and processing the "rape kits" in a timely manner?


why haven't you done that and spent your time solving aggressive crimes already instead of bringing ANY CASE AGAINST A CANNABIS patient?


can you say ELECTION YEAR?


Get lost Bill Schutte.



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my question would be...


what have you been doing already about rape victims and processing the "rape kits" in a timely manner?

this is exactly what my friend said when he saw that ad.


i remember people talking about the backlog of rape kits back in 2011 or even further back.



The untested sexual assault kits, also known as rape kits, were discovered in a Detroit police property storage facility in August 2009. The kits date back to the 1980s.


seriously, when did ole shcuette get into office?

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i know right T


it makes me wonder which genius on his staff is responsible for running the 2008 ad campaign and forgetting to update the information for 2014..


thats the only logical excuse.. that they accidentally ran the footage for 2008..


why else would you sabotage your own platform and job description?

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Schuette had a 2 point lead on Totten in early Sept. It has slowly risen to 12 points now. There are a good chunk of undecided voters but it isn't lookin great.



Tell your friends and family to vote!

Maybe go door to door in your neighborhood for an hour to campaign for Totten.

Put a Totten sign in your yard and one in your car's window (but take it out before you pull into the polls. You can't have it there).

If you can get a sign by tomorrow evening put it by your front door so you can catch the parents of trick or treaters.

Ask your friends and family to put a sign in their yard.

Grass roots baby.  Just some ideas.


Go to www.marktotten.com for more info.


Wouldn't hurt bump this post for the next few days.

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Schuette leads 37.8 percent-33.5 percent lead over Totten, with 21 percent still undecided.(Glengariff poll Oct 27)




Totten - 33%

Schuette - 43%

Altman - 3%

Van Sickle - 1%

La Pietra - n/a

Undecided/Refused to answer - 19%

Would not/Did not vote for Attorney General - 1%


Epic MRA (oct 28)

Totten - 35%

Schuette - 47%


Clarity(oct 21)

Totten - 38%

Schuette - 38%



I mean,... turnout is everything.  Maybe 30% of voter age people will vote? Heh.  .....yea.



Schuette has consistently underperformed the top of the ticket,... so we will see. Snyder can win and schuette still lose. :-)


Edit:  As I recall, Epic-MRA was wrong by 7.5% in 2008 about the MMMAct passing.  Get people to vote.

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