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If You Could Run Only One Strain Indoors, What Would It Be?

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OG Kush. If I could only keep one strain it would be between SFV and Pinesoul. Indoor or outdoor.


I've only grown that once but didn't like the pheno I ended up with. Seeds from Reserva Privada grew very sativa dominant with small airy buds and long brittle stems.


Next time I'll start with a known quality clone.

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I never heard of it either pic.
I found this @google.hightimes#

looks and sounds delicious!

hope JF has some pics to share, and a review too ;) ;)


Genetic Lineage: (Girl Scout Cookies Forum Cut x Blue Power)

***[sour Double x Master Kush] x White Moonshine) = Blue Power


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that Critical + is a special one for sure. I cant believe how fast she finishes. the buds are solid and consistent. I wish the med was for me, but I only partake occasionally with that one. My patients love it too when it cycles. I've used her at 40 days flowering in the past, but find 50 for me is my sweet spot.


have you noticed that Critical+ loses its terpene profile almost within  a few days of harvest curiously?  Its a great profile, but short lived.

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