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Flint Gets New Marijuana Rules

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FLINT- In one of Michigan’s most permissive cities, rules have been finalized that will dictate the legal operation of dispensaries that distribute medical marijuana. The rules include buffer zones from schools and churches, registration fees and restrictions on who can enter and when.

An article published by the Flint Journal detailed the new ordinance. Highlights include:

- officers can enter the facilities at any time without a warrant

- no one under 18 is permitted inside the facilities unless a licensed patient and accompanied by their parent or guardian

- a $5,000 annual licensing fee will be charged to all ‘provisionary centers’

- Locations must be more than 1,000 feet from a school, church or other medical marijuana centers

- the city will license all employees and they cannot be felons

City officials have taken three years to craft the ordinance and feel “it’s pretty extensive,” said Sheree Pirece, who works in the city planning and zoning department. The new ordinance will become law in late October or early November, per the Journal.

These rules are being laid down even though the state Senate is still debating a bill that would create a framework for Provisioning Centers to operate free from county or state-level law enforcement action.

The rules in Flint come on the heels of other cities allowing distribution centers of varying kinds, including a new center approved to operate in Ferndale. Michigan has an estimated 150 medical marijuana dispensaries in operation, including an estimated 15 in the city of Flint alone. City actions to enable marijuana distribution locally continues to advance despite the legislature’s impotence on producing regulations to guide them.

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The Flint Planning Commission Aug. 12 recommended that the Flint City Council change the special regulated use ordinance regulating the location of medical marijuana dispensaries. It also approved site plans for a building addition on South Saginaw Street.

The group recommended the council limit the number of dispensaries allowed within 2,000 feet of Group A (adult entertainment) and Group E (medical marijuana dispensaries) uses to four.

It was also recommended that dispensaries be prohibited within 1,000 feet of a school, church, park or another Group E special regulated use — a change from 500 feet.

(The section could be changed because police have some authority in enforcing the dispensaries regulations.)

According to Sheree Pierce, zoning administrator, the seven dispensaries that opened after Feb. 14, 2011, are “grandfathered-in” under the ordinance. But if one becomes vacant, the location can no longer be used as a dispensary after the property is vacated for one year.

Site plans for a remodeling and building addition at HTK’s Development Inc., 3907 S. Saginaw St., were approved.

Architect Rade Beslac said the addition was in a site plan at the same location two years ago. The parking area has more spaces than needed.

Commissioner Robert Jewell (Ward 6) said that the combined parcels must be combined before any official approval. The plans were approved with that provision.

The group will meet next at 6:30 p.m. Sept. 23 and Oct. 14 in the City Council Chambers of City Hall, 1101 S. Saginaw St. Call (810) 766-7355 for details.



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Nothing like grandfathering an illegal business. Hahaha....


If 3 caregivers live in the same home, they must get a provisioning center license(supposedly).  And if ya use 25% of your residence for marijuana, you must get a provisioning center license(supposedly).



 Ahh well,... the greedy dispensaries got what they wanted there.  Even if they had to lie about caregivers. 

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