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Over The Limit


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LEO searched home and found ## plants in hidden, but unlocked room.  Mix of mature and barely rooted plants.  They took everything they could find -  half a brown paper bag full of dried cuttings and leaves from the floor - no paraphernalia or other quantity because I was getting ready to harvest.  I had an one old plant outside that I had thrown out a few weeks earlier, but had not disposed of yet.  I am a cardholder with a valid license and was told to wait for a phone call.  I was told that I could write a letter to the prosecutor - is this a good idea?  I do not have a record and I don't know what to do here.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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sorry to hear about your troubles....you need legal advice so i suggest you retain a attorney,,,don't write a letter...lol..i think that would be like pulling the pin out of a grenade and having it blow up in your face...they'd like nothing more then to have you write it all down for them,,,sign and date at the bottom,,,lol...a good attorney will help guide you through the process...you're not the first person to be in this situation ...bp

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how many plants?


Whats it matter? one clone over, one plant over, all the same to leo, violating the law.. so they can now rape you and not use lube .. plus a bag bag of scraps.. and  they will weigh it, and say it was usable.. its green/dry == usable all the same to them.. one little bunny muffin violation and they hit with producing,manufacturing, a drug house, etc etc.. god forbid you own a gun,, legal or not.. thats a plus 2yrs ,, 

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When some one comes in here for advise it is usualy to late eh?


We need more info on this kind of arrests or what ever this one is called, I would have to think something brough them to this persons house,


I do think taking off the number of plants is wise, I dont think we need to know what county or city or details leo would easily be able to notice while they troll thru here!


but there should realy be more honest detail to help some one, we all can just say no dont write a letter, and you need an attny!  other than that how can we help the o.p's of these type of threads?


I realy get tired of telling people I think you did something else to bring them to you, I have no clue why leo is there, I know why they were there for me no less than 3 times!


If you dont understand the law you realy should read it again and again untill you do, it isnt hard to read for any one with at least a 6th grade education,( no offense intended)  If you cut extra clones because you are afraid of failure dont move the plants to bud until you know if they rooted, I would much rather be under my limit than over, only for legal reasons. I personaly do not find cloning to be difficult at all,  I only have grow rights for 1 pt, my grow rights I gave to my c.g,  I dont do mothers because I dont see the need, if I want to keep a strain going I clone and clone, when you take your clones are you waiting at least 2 wks to move your plants into budd?  If not than try that, at least if your clones fail you can cut some more and only be set back 2 wks on that strain,  with a perpetual going that realy shouldnt hurt as much as you think, if you have grow rights for 5 pts and your sellf and  fill all of your numbers I honestly think you are in it for the money and not compassion, it doesnt take 12 plants in 3 stages to serve one pt, you should be able to supply all 5 of your pt's with a whole lot of slots open for mothers, clones, new strains, etc!


It isnt a bad idea to try and get ahead of the game if you are planning on distribution centers for an extra income, but dont go over your limit to do it!  I hate to see people go to jail or get put in the court system for somthing that should be legal!  No matter how the change or so call fix this law there will always be people that break it, dont be one of them!


Peace and best wishes!

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there is something you can do phaque.


call newspapers and have them report on police harassing medical patients.

call reps and senators and tell them about this injustice.

call info radio stations, pbs, cspan. write letters to editors at various newspapers and magazines.

visit in person with your city council and ask them to fully decrim. write to other cities encouraging the same. write to city, county and state prosecutors asking them to stop prosecuting marijuana and focus on real crime.


write letters to the sponsors/supporters of anti-mj politicians. tell the sponsors how richardville is not helping the people of michigan to stay out of prison.


dont forget writing to police chiefs to ask them not to use no knock swat raids on marijuana users.



yeah its a lot.

maybe if we all just wrote one letter a day?

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