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Saving Patients and Caregivers - Struggle Continues

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The new struggle for marijuana continues to keep it free from the money grubbing corporate vultures


OPINION...Here come the money hungry corporations looking to steal away what a grassroots movement fought so hard for...for decades. 

So many soldiers and victims of the war - for marijuana legalization, for using as medicine or for using recreational marijuana

They have had their lives and families ruined by criminal records and many of them who are still sitting in prison.  Some did not live to see the day.

Of course there are good and bad characters in everything - but the more good the less bad.


These corporate vultures will be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in marketing in newspapers, billboards, social media and more to brainwash you.  Wasted money.

One such vulture is Jeff Radway, CEO of Green Peak Innovations and his PAID employees who had a rally calling on Governor Gretchen Whitmer and officials to enforce the state’s marijuana laws and end the sale of untested caregiver marijuana to dispensaries.

One would wonder if those employees had a choice to be there or not?

13 Million Dollars, 100 employees or so, One Talking Head vs 300,000 patients and caregivers - Hmmm

Some will get it.  Some get that we need clean medical marijuana.

But DO NOT ever try to take a patient's right to choose or caregiver's right to grow or the right to grow and gift.  That is what was voted for !  Not fo some corporate snake to come in and pull the rug out from under us and steal what so many have paid a high price for.

After reading some opinions in parenthesis - go to the website and read more


Here are some excerpts from an article from Mlive regarding a rally on Wednesday at the capitol building.

"Enough is enough," said Jeff Radway, CEO of Green Peak Innovations, over boos and jeers from caregivers and patients protesting nearby. 

Michigan's medical marijuana market is at a crossroads as regulators try to shift control away from caregivers and over to licensed businesses.

( Is that what the Michigan voters - voted for?  Were caregivers part of the act...see here MMMA.)

As more than 100 employees of Green Peak and licensed grower High Life Farms gathered outside the Capitol Wednesday, they were confronted by about 20 protesters wearing shirts holding signs featuring Radway’s corporate photo alongside targeted messages including “greedy pig” and “Jeff Radway hates children & the elderly.”

(Jeff may not hate children and the elderly but may love money more?)

Green Peak has invested $13 million to launch its medical marijuana grow operation near Lansing in January, but is still competing with untested marijuana grown by caregivers.

(LOL ---> See Michigan and Federal Control Substance List - Sounds like a long list of federal CCE, Conspiracy, Drug and more crimes are being committed.  Know anyone in prison for less?  Thank to the voters and your money you are protected)

Green Peak has launched a full assault on the issue this week, buying full page ads in the Detroit Free Press, Detroit News and Lansing State Journal; buying eight billboards around Lansing; starting a website, micleancannabis.org, and launching a change.org petition.

 “We believe medical marijuana should be clean and safe for the patients of Michigan. Beyond what we believe, we voted for it. This is the will of the people," Radway said. “We are calling on the governor, the legislature, the regulators and Judge Borrello: do the right thing and enforce the laws of the state of Michigan."

( Is that what (we) the Michigan voters - voted for and were caregivers part of the act...see the entire act here MMMA.)

State Reps. Jim Lilly, R-Park Township, and Jason Sheppard, R-Temperance, spoke at the rally in support of the regulated market, and of a bill the House recently supported to set a compliance deadline of June 1.

(Bad Choice - Everyone makes a few)

“It’s important for patients to get this. It’s also important for us as a state to have something that can be followed, that’s a law, so that people are getting consistent care," Sheppard said. “It’s so important for us to continue the path forward; to allow this industry to grow and to make sure we’re being leaders in the nation on how we handle this.”

Patients and caregivers are critical of licensed growers, and claim that they aren’t manufacturing CBD and THC tinctures and oils that patients need.

Radway said data analytics indicate those products represent 1.5 percent of the market.

“We have started with flower, we have started with distillate; we’re launching edibles next month, we’re launching vape carts -- we’re starting with the medicines the patients need most,” Radway said....

Some of the protesters Wednesday included witnesses who appeared in court last week to testify for a provisioning center, the Curing Corner, in their suit against the state. Among them was Jerry Millen, owner of the Greenhouse provisioning center in Walled Lake.

“This is a bogus rally; these are all paid employees. This is a phony complaint by them (Green Peak) because they’re not making money," Millen said. “The state’s top grower is the only one coming forward -- that says it all.”




-- Amy Biolchini is the marijuana beat reporter for MLive. Contact her with questions, tips or comments at abiolch1@mlive.comRead more from MLive about medical marijuana.

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They believed in their hearts that the alcohol model would work for cannabis. The stoners would rush to them to buy their reefers and cash would fall from the sky by the train load. What else could they do? Grow it in their gardens?

The only way they can succeed is to offer a quality product at a reasonable price. This has to be done in spite of exorbitant taxes and pointless government regulations.

Or they could just go back to the drug war model but with themselves as a protected class. The state will probably back them because the tax money isn't pouring in like they expected.

The taxed and regulated like alcohol model is unsustainable for cannabis simply because of the ease of production. People don't need to have commercial production facilities to create plants like they do for alcohol all they need is a patch of dirt and a seed.

Blinded by greed and buying into their own lies.

Look at what's happening in California.

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In Michigan, as a cannabis person all my life, if they would leave it as it is right now I would be happy. 

I can grow. I can buy without going broke. Good selection and prices. I'm treated fairly in my neighborhood. 

If I could have looked forward from say 1980, I would approve of the rights I have now and think that cannabis

heaven is right up there in the future.

What we have now is what I have been fighting for, working towards, my whole life. I really can't complain.

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Green Peak Innovations can be contacted at info@gpimichigan.com

Perhaps we should let them know we will be boycotting their products if they persist in their efforts to infringe on our rights.

If they win they lose.


When I went to their website this had already been posted by Rhory Gould. Let's join him!


Corporate Greed Over Patients, a Real Conspiracy!!!

“Big money lobbying, kickbacks, under the table deals, sabotaging caregiver market all at the expense of patients that need medicine. Creating a fake news smear campaign. Educate everyone! This is fake news! There is a patient consent form for caregiver medicine that has worked like a charm with ZERO reported illnesses. #BOYCOTT Claw, Exclusive Brands, Green Peak, Skymint, Highlife Farms, VB Chesaning, White River Wellness
#truth #educate #fakenews #greed #corporategreed #caregivers #mmmp #community #michigan #spreadthenews #real #medicine #marijuana #weed”

This is what is being circulated amongst community exposing the truth. All these companies are working together along with big money/legal ties to line their own pockets at patient/caregiver expense. 

These companies cannot produce better medicine than the caregiver market yet shift all blame on caregivers instead of meeting the challenge/demand. The licensed companies medicine reviews are horrible along with lack of options that patients need. Its mainly gummies and very low quality flower that looks like its from the 90’s. The licensed side has cherry picked test results as well as even contracting various “third parties” to spike test results of perfectly fine caregiver meds. All to create a political sway to rule in their favor. Its ridiculous and the unlicensed side has had enough.

Claw concentrates has spearheaded the smear campaign on caregiver meds which is ironic. Since all store owners can agree they have always been a mashup of medicine imported from california, and various local sources. They mix and rebrand as a quality product, and have chosen themselves to be the “moral deacons” of whats right and wrong. Its hypocrisy at its finest to secure big money deals and to shut out caregiver market. All this hurts are the patients, who have used caregiver medicine for nearly a decade with ABSOLUTELY ZERO reported illnesses.

Most of the licensed medicine is not passing current testing standards which are all over the place. Fruits and vegetables you can purchase from any grocery store have higher ppm results for pesticides. The licensed stores/processors/legislators have painted a picture that this is a problem therefore it needs to “be controlled” and to keep all the money in house and cut out caregiver market. Ironically enough their own standards of control have done nothing but make them create subpar medicine nobody wants to buy. The effort to cutout caregivers has outweighed the passion to truly help the people that depend and rely on this medicine. Elderly, kids, and many patients are left scratching their heads while these handful of owners spend money to smear caregivers. Its a big joke doing nothing but pausing this industry from coming out of the shadows and being transparent.

The moral of the story is you have several growers/stores/processors painting a picture of “drug dealers” while they are actually being the gangsters. Going as far as lobbying and major kickbacks to house representatives. Why does no one question the house bill forced through the floor with a special 5 panel vote to introduce. Its 100% rigged. Anyone can look the house bills and examine their history and analysis, they cant even pass bills to fix potholes yet the medical marijuana bill to shutdown caregivers and unlicensed was slam dunked through. Even judge Borello has referenced this legislation does not super-cede his decision however no one questions where or how this bill came about. Its simple, its these several companies paying big money to do so, or also called lobbying.

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This really is an important issue.  I am a bit surprised it is not getting more attention in the community.  I might even be more sympathetic to Radway if he was a local Michigan resident, but according to his Linked-In page he's not. On his Linked-in Page Radway lists his State of residence as Kansas https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffrey-radway-8a26bb177/  .  Another outfit I am aware of has also targeted Michigan.  Their CEO comes to us from Flordia.  In my area, local licenses to operate are being snapped up by Chicagoans.   All of these corporate organizations have one thing in mind, exploiting Michigan, its residents and its sick for personal gain.  These people have no allegience to this state or its sick.  They are all about profittering and exploitation.  End of rant?  Maybe.    

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That linked-in profile is very odd.   Past pr on him showed him in Lansing area for 22 years.  https://www.newcannabisventures.com/green-peak-innovations-cannabis-cultivation/

Other stories listed him as the owner of successful college sports clothing business that licensed the various school logos.

My guess is he and his crowd are slimy enough that they will just operate under different names.  For example Green Peak is not a public facing name.   A consumer would see "High Life Farms" and "Sky Mint" plus whatever edibles they create and label with other names.

From the news reports he is sitting on around 2000#s.  He has told his investors and banks that it is worth over $6 mil.  My guess he is probably looking at some debt payment that he can not make and he is desperate to create an image that the shortfall is not his stupidity, but all the fault of the State.  None of this absolves him, it just shows his lack of understanding of the market and how he acts when desperate.

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I usually don't post but this is an issue we should all get behind.

Yes - But those protesters should not personally attack the person like saying they hate children and the elderly but should provide factual stats and reasons to start a boycott of these businesses that try to monopolize. 

Besides what Green Peaks is saying -  it's not what was voted for.  What was voted for was to have a choice not to be fed more corporate regulations and laws. 

Those who want certified top shelf product should be allowed to have it and pay extra just like any other commerce.

Those who don't should be able to sit back with what they produce and enjoy it (just like home made beer)

Can't wait till  the billion dollar tobacco corporations  try to take over as soon as the feds take it off.  It's going to be a never ending struggle.

Start a forum for this subject.

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I'm going to keep supporting the local dispensaries that buy from caregivers. I will also bring it up with the local officials. No one can afford $300 an ounce monopoly cannabis BS. The local dispensaries are killing it here in Bay City. Lots of tax money. Lots of stimulation to the local economy. These grass roots will grow here in mid Michigan. Too late to pull them out. 

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Look at what's happening in California. The taxed price can't compare with the black market. There never were any safety or health problems with the black market grows so the sanctioned growers are losing market share. 

The only way they can see their wet dreams of market dominance come true is to eliminate the black market.

We know how well that works.

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Yes the voting ended and meant nothing anyhow.  This subject must be kept alive.  They are coming for it all.  Soon we will be arrested and jailed for marijuana again because of these greedy scrumpin who want to monopolize marijuana - by them lobbying and changing the regulations we the people voted in.  It's not far away if we don't keep up the pressure on.  Already the politicians are bending over for a buck.

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 I work briefly at a dispensary its not all its cracked up to be, I learned a lot but I really learned pot may be legal but its not a freedom or a right. Its strictly money.  With these companies wanting to get rid of rec grow I feel I'll be put back into the 90's pot world.  


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8 hours ago, MichaelK said:

 I work briefly at a dispensary its not all its cracked up to be, I learned a lot but I really learned pot may be legal but its not a freedom or a right. Its strictly money.  With these companies wanting to get rid of rec grow I feel I'll be put back into the 90's pot world.  


I don't think there's going to be any turning back. No grow rights taken. They may dream about taking them but that's not the way the world is moving. No turning back. 

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Cali is feeling it hard rn. They have a strong grassroots movement and are doing well with it. They have established groups of their own groups of growers and caregivers alike to lobby against the big corporations and to try and establish a fair market for everyone to compete in. I think doing this is probably our best chance at keeping big corp from monopolizing market share. We need to build caregiver coalitions and local groups willing to stand up and rally lobby and "compete" in this corporate game against them. We must play this game and remember that WE have been playing this much longer than them. WE know our markets and our patients/consumers. We from the mitten know our mitten and will be the best at providing what fellow michiganders want and need in their meds not out of state corp greedy money hungry sharks. 

We are here for the patients. The caregiver network. And for our personal human rights. We need to take the focus off the greed and dollar and put it back to the elderly, sick, etc. We must show our state this. 

Let's rally together build alliances & coalitions and local forms of competition for these corps. We can keep our community. We just may have to get our hands dirty. But hey. We should all be used to getting our hands dirty!

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This post caught my eye.  I was recently in a dispensary to acquire some full spectrum  cbd oil to make edibles.  I showed them my ID and card, walked inside for my first time.  Within 3 minutes of conversation with tender he referred to the caregiver patient system as some sort of back street drug dealing black market! I was floored! This was the first time I had been talked to about it . 

I felt so betrayed by an industry that is supposed to be based on helping the sick. I can not support in anyway a shop or individual who resorts to stigmatization to profit.  But ssdd.  I will now be looking for cbd through a good caregiver source. Not some street hustler or any business involved in this degradation of character of Michigan's caregivers.  Thank you. 

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