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Do you consider yourself a Master Grower?  And... What makes a Master Grower?


I do.  At least I think I do.


Actually, I think of myself as more of a journeyman.  Always on a journey, man.  There is always more to learn, always a next step.  More equipment and more strains to sample.  More do dabble in.  More plumbing, more electric.


I think of master grower as someone who has mastered the basics.  Or at least tried nearly everything at least once.


If you've grown in soil, coco, pro mix, dwc, chemical, organic, LST, FIM'D, SOGED, SCROGED,.5 gallons to 30 gallons, outdoor, greenhouse, bonsai'd, made selections, made seeds, made my fingers tired - guess what?  you're a grower.  probably a master grower.  just because you've tried just about everything once.  The rest of it?  Only your budget and self control is preventing it.


I think if you're successful in two-three mediums, have at least 3 years experience growing, 2 years full-time or 3 years combined, you probably mastered all the basics.  If you've been growing for 10 years, you get the honorary award.  If you've been growing 20 years, you probably didn't read this.


Also, anyone who grows Master Kush is a master grower.

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My neighbor drove the VW rabbit, wore the purple lennon circular glasses, had the indian feather roach clips and slept in yoga positions.  Played Uno and smoked lots of pot, the kids were allowed around, and it wasn't treated as weird.  Cable television just came out.

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I think being a master grower can have different specialties. 


I would consider myself to be fairly proficient in Hydro, and have tried and can get results in Coco and soil as well, but not the same results as some of you long time soil growers and no where near what I can do in Hydro.  I have done DWC, RDWC, Aero, NFT, and hybrid systems in hydro.  If asked, I believe I could teach how to grow in Hydro, and I understand what's happening, I am not just following instructions.


And instead of years, I would rate on completed cycles.  I mean you can harvest 3 times a year and be growing constantly, but you learn a lot more in perpetual with 12-26 harvests per year.  But then, you need the years as well so you can deal with all of the problems of bugs in summer, AC freezing over in winter, etc etc.


I'll stick with my self appointed title.  I've been growing 3 years, have had 5 PT's for about 2 years now, and achieve fairly consistant results with little complaints.  I think it fits: Master Expert Advanced Newbie.


There is always more to learn, more to know.  More mistakes to be made, and more celebrations on your successful harvests...


Master Expert Advanced Newbie Grower (I am a M.E.A.N. Grower...  )

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Who cares what it might mean to be a "master grower."


What matters is - if you agreed to be a CG/provide a patient with meds....did you follow through with that agreement?  If "no" then it doesn't matter if you're a master grower or not.  If "yes," then then it doesn't matter if you're a master grower or not.  


I guess I'd say that if you grow meds for your patients, and those meds alleviate you patients' qualifying condition, then you are a master grower...same goes if you grow your owns meds and alleviate your own condition. 

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A Zen Who's on First.

"I am going to pose a question," King Milinda said the the Venerable Nagasena, "Can you answer?"

The monk Nagasena said, "Please ask your question."

The king said, "I have already asked."

Nagasena said, "I have already answered."

The king asked, "What did you answer."

Nagasena replied, "What did you ask?"

The king said, "I asked nothing."

Nagasena replied, " I answered nothing.

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I still have the learning curve of working with bigger equipment ahead of me.  I'm a longtime closet grower.  Corner of the basement grower.  400 watt club.


Now I'm learning more about environmental systems, irrigation systems, hydroponics, veganics & organics, air filtration, cooling lamps, controlling reservoir temps, insulation and creating air tight environments...


I like it as a hobby/responsibility, because there are always more areas to get good at.  It takes a lot of time and money and trying different things out, but there's always something new you can try, even if you've been growing for 40 years.

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When I was a kid, I used to go fishing with my dad.  I was the one that always had to put the worm on the hook.

I got quite proficient at doing this and was praised highly.  I wonder, would I have been considered a Master Baiter ? ;) lol


lol I didnt see yours till after I wrote mine lol, great minds think a like!


do it at midnite tonite and you wont be alone bawahahahaha!



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