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Upset Discovers Marijuana Plants In Mackinac Co

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The two residents did have Medical Marijuana Patient and/or Caregiver cards, but both were found to be non-compliant with the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act.


No arrests have been made yet, and the investigation remains ongoing pending a review by the Mackinac County Prosecutor.

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2 patient/caregivers-full patient list= 30oz

1.5 pds=24oz

sure thing, and the popo know that. Yet they both were found to be non compliant by them, and not necessarily for the weight of the processed bud. They lie often, but they did raid these two for some reasons or another. More times than not these raids are turning up funny business with compliance issues, and how can they be so good to find these supposed " non compliant" card holders? driving even, the cops score ever month with a non compliant pull over. Luck?

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My opinion because UPSET is involved is these individuals were selling their MMJ, just my opinion though, they obviously had enough suspicion to obtain a search warrant, yet the individuals have not been charged, sounds fishy yes...non compliant could mean their room/rooms weren't locked.

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I cant count how many raids that have been executed relulting in NO prosicution. They come in, and destroy a crop, and hassel people. And no charges, no arrests. Just seizure and harrasment. Computers, tvs, and what not I have seen been returned. That Gray area.. WE need to find better ways to show the true voice of this movement..I hate living/feeling of ultimate confusion. When I had a shop, the cops pulled in and parked directly infront of the entry with their lights flashing, sat there for aprox 2-3min then shut em off and pulled away as I was comming outa the shock walking to the door..hmmmm

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