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Did The ‘Local Option’ Just Get Destroyed?


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LANSING- In a new statement, Representative Michael Callton says the local option for marijuana dispensaries may be dead.

An article published on WEMU said this:

But advocates and lawmakers working on the legislation say the governor’s office wants some changes before he will commit to signing the bills. As it is written now, the legislation would leave it mostly up to local governments to regulate dispensaries. But it appears Snyder wants the state to play a bigger role.

“There was some concern that this could be very patchwork, where some municipalities just aren’t even regulating them and some could be hyper-regulating them,” ” said state Rep. Mike Callton, R-Nashville, who introduced the dispensaries bill. “And the suggestion was that really, to do a good job, it should be regulated at a statewide level.”

And Callton says he agrees.

The WEMU article includes an audio clip of the conversation.

The local option- that part of HB 4271, the Provisioning Centers Act, a proposed law that allows cities to choose to participate in the dispensary industry or deny them- was a crucial part of the bill that many House Representatives said they needed to support the legislation.

And support it they did- with an incredible vote of 95-14 in a Republican-dominated chamber. How many will support a “statewide level” bill is an unknown the Michigan’s medical marijuana patient population has hoped to avoid.

Catastrophic and structural changes to the bill at this late state of affairs seems contrived for political advantage. The bill was introduced in 2012, reintroduced in 2013 and has been debated, changed, poked, prodded and asked to turn it’s head and cough by hundreds of legislators and their staff members prior to being offered to the Governor for approval. Removing the local option has not been considered out loud prior to this, and there are no news articles published where that compromise is even hinted at.

The House sent HB 4271 and a companion bill, HB 5104, to the Senate in December of 2013. The Governemnt Operations Committee passed the bills in July and they are pending a full vote of the Michigan Senate, a vote that was supposed to take place in September but now seems farther off since the governor’s office has become involved.

The governor’s involvement is a curiosity, since he’s determined that states cannot vary from federal policy regarding marijuana. A recent article on Michigan Radio cited Snyder in this way:

Later in the program, the governor dismissed the idea of legalizing marijuana in Michigan. He says it’s not up to the state to decide whether marijuana should be legal or illegal.

“It doesn’t make it legal. It’s against federal law,” he said.

Medical marijuana, and distribution of the same, remains illegal at a federal level, too. Governor Snyder’s willingness to support legislation that he believes violates federal law is a curiosity, to say the least.

Consequences from a statewide program may be far-reaching, unwieldy and unfair.

If the ability to ‘opt-out’ of the medical marijuana distribution program is denied to local communities, legislative support for the bills may dry up.

As written now, local communities with existing medical marijuana distribution centers will have those facilities that predate the passage of the law allowed to remain open, under a ‘grandfather clause.’ The Governor’s office may insist that the rules be changed to disallow all existing centers unless specifically approved by their city governments- a move that could cause closures of centers in communities that may want them.

Cities with existing distribution centers may be limited in the number of those centers allowed in their city, forcing City Councils to decide which Centers are allowed to stay and which would be required to close. In Ypsilanti, six centers are licensed, registered and inspected. Should the state-wide program impose a cap on the number of facilities allowed based on population, some of those Centers may have their licenses rescinded.

Other problems associated with a statewide program include restrictions on where Centers can locate. Prohibiting centers from locating within 1,000 feet of a house of worship was proposed by Callton earlier in HB 4271′s history. In many cities, churches, synagogues and mosques are so prevalent that there would be no place left to locate. Some cities- tiny Montrose, for example-  may not be able to place ANY distribution centers within the city limits despite City Council and Mayoral approval for these businesses.

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Why do you think the sb660 is set up to knock us out. Why can't any one of us open a pharma grade grow.


There's a lot of states that allow medical marijuana but you can't grow it there. I'm thinking they plan to supply those states. States like Wi ect.


They keep both systems is a double wammy.


5 years Mi goes rec, if these PC bills pass.


Then mi will have med, rec, pharma, and hemp. Mi needs the money, and people need the jobs.


Why does it have to be one or the other? You can't grow enough of this stuff. Supply and demand, is out of control.


People are smokeing it, eating it, and shoving it up there rectoms, so they can have a better quality of life.


Michiganders are crazy, this is a competition between, Cali, Mi, Wa, and Co.


IMO the sb660 is just going to let us sell to states that can't grow.


But what do I know. There gonna take r jobs. Wait they can't, cuz we will just sell it on the black markit. Hmmm :/


I heard the only people in WA and Co that buy rec are tourist. What's that tell ya. Hmmm. :/

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But advocates and lawmakers working on the legislation say the governor’s office wants some changes before he will commit to signing the bills. As it is written now, the legislation would leave it mostly up to local governments to regulate dispensaries. 

 translation : the gov has a buddy who wants to sell weed in oakland co but doesnt want schutte making whoopee it up.

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The "pharma grade" is what the Prairie Plant bill was about. When the feds legalize cannabis patients will have the option of buying inspected irradiated meds from state sanctioned and licensed industrial growers like Prairie Plant and the other large industrial growers like Canada has now.


I'm sure you'll be able to start your own pharma grade grow too. All it will take is several million to get started with irradiation equipment, an abandoned mine like Prairie Plant has and whatever exorbitant licensing and inspection fees the state might decide to charge. You will also need to come to some kind of sales agreements with places like CVS, Rite-Aid and Walmart where the product will actually be sold.


You have been wining and dining the important politicians all along haven't you? Well, either way you shouldn't have any problem competing with a company whose annual income is $7.6-million should you?


After all I'm sure you have your own electric power company, copper refinery and marketing company like Prairie Plant does.


By doing away with the local option then it will be easier for Chuck Perricone and his buddies to convince the legislature to pass a state wide law making home grows illegal "for the safety of the patients". Then everyone will be able to buy safe meds like the shake and stems that our Canadian friends have now.




I don't think it will happen right away but will be phased in after a few reports of mold or insect feces on un-inspected non-irradiated cannabis. Or maybe all it will take will be a few unregulated black market sales.

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Don't ask me, there tweeking that ish man. They want it perfact. Cant hate if it comes out A+. They do need to get it moveing though, anf stop playin with peoples lives.



And how do you think that anything will stop people will not stop growing Cannabis and so the raids will keep on keeping on today most can't even count to 12

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Isn't the "local option" what everyone was so afraid of? Doesn't that just mean the cities can't discriminate now? I think they're just looking to regulate to make sure the DEA doesn't run amuck in a legalized medical state since the bill stopping funding for DEA raids on dispensaries is hinged on regulation.

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There's a very simple answer to the mold & bugs... run a tight ship, run it proper. That means having protocols in place that limits & activrly fights infection. It means controlling the environment properly w the appropriately sized gear. It means having a base competence in running such a facility.


The same problem exists for practically every commercial grow... too big for their britches. They don't invest enough in proper commercial grade hvac, they don't properly design the layout & structure, they don't have any experience on that scale, they likely have never seen a clean running room let alone know how to achieve such a thing. They just can't handle the scale.


That's commercial growing. And queue the chemical companies like dow ag sci... they have the miracle ipm plan w a slew of chemical agents to address the aforementioned deficiencies of commercial operators. Don't design the gro properly, don't spend a ton of cash on proper gear, don't worry about competence... our chem's can safely (ahem) address all your concerns for pennies on the dollar. You just need to rotate 4 classes of carcinogenic substances on a continuous basis, for each & every crop from now til the end of times.


Smaller grows, more manageable, less start up, higher quality, cleaner, properly done. It's not an easy answer, but it's pretty simple... do it right.

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it's like i can see the writing on the wall....wild bill has got it right...the big guns with their money will do everything possible to get all the pie leaving us all holding our sacks asking what happened....and all the folks that think they'll still be able to get away with growing their own, will be sitting in a jail somewhere looking for bail money...i know some folks want to sell their overages,but that won't happen because the same guys with the money will want to supply their own,after all why pay someone else $200 a oz. for something they can grow for a fraction of that...other folks want the freedom to buy at a dispensary as a way to fill gaps in their supply despite the price,well it will be your only source so get used to paying 20 bucks a gram....my sense of this is it's just another way for mega bucks to fxck the people out of their money.. does anyone really think that these folks have nothing but the patients best interests in mind?...we should do all we can to prevent the money from forming a new and better Law....there, that's my 2 grams worth...lol...bp  

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Prairie plant sold the mine.  It is set to start mining again.


Prairie plant is after the federal contract.  When it becomes schedule 2, it will be available at every pharmacy in the entire united states. This Michigan bill is a joke in their eyes and they could care less. It is merely a stepping stone.

I also agree theirs  more to the story 660 wasn't passed and signed by Snyder  for no reason 

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I'm sorry but you guys sound retarted.


This isn't frigon Caninada.


That's NOT what happend in WA, or Co. An it's not what's happening in Cali. Michigans Laws are very similier to those states. So look at those states if you want to see what's going to happen.


I know one guy that started a rec grow WA! Easy peezie. You just need a little Capitol.


Med Man has a Commercial Pharma What ever in Candida. So STFU! Any one can do it! HATERS! Beleave in yourself and you can achieve anything. Stop crying about what you can't do and do what you can.


Y'all sound stupid.


The start up cost to go rec, is around 500k. That's with the 30k square foot grow. 500k if these bills pass, would be cookies and milk to make in 5 years. 15 zips every 10 days comes out to 9k a month. Do the math.


Mold fungus practicides, won't be a issue. Becouse everything will be tested. I'm thinking the people crying about it, can't GROW.


Raids. Lmfao! There are 27k CG's in mi, before the clubs were shut down 50k. The DEA only busts 10k people yearly and THATS NATIONAL. The hole country. There not makeing a DENT in what's going on. They bust a couple dumb donkey's and y'all think it's game over. Lmfao. Most of the outside they bust is FERAL HEMP!


It's funny how y'all talk. Why are some of you hateing on this so bad. It's suspect.


You keep saying if these bills pass there going to take peoples grow rights, that hasn't happened in any other state? So explain please?

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You can make your own beer, you can also distil your own liqueur. You just can't sell it. So if you can't make it happen in 5+, get out the game. If you ain't got your ish together yet. You ain't got no buisness in the grow buisness. It's been what 8 years and you still got moldy weed coverd in mites. Give it up. Let the professionals so there thing.

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yeah there are laws in other states that ban home grows if you are within 25miles of a disp.


heres nevada for example:




er thats a bill. dont know if it passed. but thats an example of what could happen...

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have you forgotten about our neighbors to the North?


Canada canceled all home grows after 15 years....


no thank you.


i love the idea of small supply.  keep it simple. keep it homegrown proud.


someday big pharma will probably tear us out.. but micro brews clearly show that the refined consumers are looking for pure quality products over volume in many cases...however there is a definite market and room for both homegrown and commercially available products in almost every single marketable commodity.


in my version of the plan everybody goes home happy instead of one side or the other winning..


grow as much as you are able...


true freedom.

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